[Verse 1: Rhythm]
MGK the way you actin
Makes me think your flow is lackin
I can tell your dads abusive
Man your lips are always smackin
If your the QB I'm sackin
What you do is not called rappin
Your career sounds like it’s nappin
On the beat you know I'm snappin
Your life needs to uninstall
Take all your methanol
And alcohol I'll throw it down the hall
More flammable than aerosol
In the back I got a large knife
And a chainsaw
What’s left of you is in my carry on

[Verse 2: DiViNE]
I'll carry on
I write with the poison pen
Like venom did with Eminem
He took your brains and veins and severed them
With your diss you'll never win
Thinking it's a delivery service
Man , My deliveries perfect
Whoever dissing he's nervous
Your punches ain't even hittin the surface
Bro, take a breather
Devil or prodigy you are neither
Your only big from a nina' feature
Eat some more or you'll have a seizure