#BombayRapCypher 2014
[Verse 1: Kav-E]
Representing the streets The city of dreams...
Proudly brings, lyrical fiends humble typical beings
Spilling their drinks, raising the bar up in the cloud
Soul searching in a bottle, the prior can't be found
Easy now, Accused, i ain't desi?? how?
Raised eye brow pointing i ain't speaking brown
I stand my ground, roots go deep Shout out proud
Ganpati bappa Morya
Paid in full, settle my debt to this art
Keeping my soul in return, and i be squeezing my heart
Using the paint, letting it stain, the beat with with my pain
Giving it life, god like, resurrecting the game
Surplus of syllables sending panic to gimical rappers its pitiful that none of you can ever think outta your cubical
So rest in your box, we be bringing hip hop
This is bomb bay

[Verse 2: Enkore]
I hit the bay while beginning my teens
A kid and his dream, trying to figure a scheme
I saw antilla and the big movie screens
Now I never hit snooze in this city of dreams
Fell in love dated from the day I told her
And we clicked like opening folders
Now thats over, and im colder
Musics all I got like the PK poster
Did it by myself no influence
In a minute quick became the sickest lyricist
I never got a big head among small minds
But I left em behind hope it's alright
Greats celebrate the hatin I told ya
Every man for him self like euphoria / you for ya
And my show end like ganesh madals
Cuz they all be praying like more ya
[Verse 3: TheeEvil]
Hello people, my name is D'evil
After i am done they might make this illegal
Antisocial from birth, disobeyed my teachers
I dont like you either & i dont have a reason
This mumbai city is always questionin my destiny
So when i bus rhymes they bring out the best in me
I Hate famous people, and i make my bet
If i ever get famous i'll even hate myself
Gotta keep it real in these words and rhyme fights
Life gave me lemons? I turn them into lime lights
''hey D , the music company says they like you''
But you got dirty lyrics so they dont wanna sign you
My lyrics are true and they totally describe you
Lemme try to be nice dude! lemme bribe you
Yall make me rich n famous, ive planned this
I'll sign all yall an autograph on a blank cheque!!

[Verse 4: Poetic Justis]
Liftoff you kids soft Ya lyrics hit my brick walls
Im missiles to pistols I dont 'click pop'
Its awesome hip-hop That just spawns from this heart
And Im the soul of the song I set my iris on/
My wrist strong Dont sit calm
You 'plot funny' No 'sitcom'
Can't stand up to Me you a target My way, respect Blaaze i say ban da police
So dont try actin up I really 'Pack a punch' Believe me you I stacked a 'bag of bullies'
Throw hate, onto me now Or I'll make, ya honor me bow
In front of a great You 'runnin a plate/runnin up late'
Like waiters fuckin around
So pass the power This ya last best hour
Run and tell the captain That the flagships ours
I practice in playing fields That ya class is outta
And you just 'lucky I killed you'In our 'chance encounter'

[Verse 5: Divine]
This that Third world country shit represent that gully click
Not a Punjabi boy but I could make your honey sing
Wolves who I'm coming with rats who you running with
No gats or Glocks Cricket bats will get your melon split
A fully loaded AR in the booth
I mean I'm the rap version of Rahman in the booth
Bitch imma boss I call the shots like Salman on his shoot
I'm the slums making noise like stray dogs on the roof
I have dream and it's not to own a condo or cruise
My dream is to see every slumdog with a shoe
The ones that make you cry are the ones laughing with you
Enemies are cool watch the ones stacking with you
Always keep 100 like a typical cops fee
You act like a big deal then u could get robbed see
Prom queen top model done with that mockery
Brown boy need a girl who gun help my mom clean
Nah mean