Joe Dirt
[Verse 1: Mike McGovern]
I'm a man with a thousand problems
Look at me like you really don't got none son
I came from the goddamn bottom
In one day I don't pray to god man
I swear when you look at me
Just how crystal clear could I be?
I write my life in rhymes so you see
I'm so devoted, My flow is loaded
I chose the road that I'll be
On every other rappers beat
Spitting bout life, living just fine
I'll take the chance man I'll roll the dice
Yeah I'm a man of god so I believe in the blessing
Don't need a gun because my pen is a weapon
With unlimited ammo you know I'm about to go off
See right now I'm about to sound like a freakin' hypocrite
Because I'm going off of the mind with no pen and pad
I apologize that's just my bad
Please allow me to sign off this track
So other artists have chances to rap


[Verse 2: KiD TRAViS]
I got racks on racks on racks on racks
Give a little n***a change just to but himself a Mac
Just a MIDI board and a place to relax
If a n***a want a diss give me time to react
I don't have time for you n***as like a broke watch
Me and my crew n***a yeah we top notch
Ask if I'm high up yup but no hot box
And I'm always live catch a n***a on the XBOX
Delivery be on point (YAS)
No n***a don't smoke joints (YAS)
But hands will always point at the
N***as who think they can do what they want
So if you thinking of [?]
Mixtape will lead you to victory bruh
I'm killing it just like your texting a girl
I'd rather just leave you in Awe (bruh)
I'm rapping kinda crazy and
I'm trying to go insane again
I'm running and running like
I'm speeding past the train again
Wolverine bars yeah I'm spitting Adamantium
And babe got claws so I'm calling her an animal
Calling up Hannibal Lector (Buzz)
Lemme get some of that nectar (Buzz)
Baby let me hit you up
I'm just trying to be someone]
Take your girl and kidnap her (What!)
Psych nah she's just average (Bruh)
You thought I was a rapper
The name is KiD TRAViS
I'm pleased to be your acquaintance (HAH)
Yes I know that I'm tardy
So sorry for the lateness (HuHAW)
I'm done!
So this n***a Travis decided, Fuck XP!
I'm just going to leave this n***a the table scraps
On his own track. But you know what? You know what?
I'm gonna make the most of this. I'm about to kill it!

[Verse 3: XP]
Shit I ain't even write a whole verse
The #2 when this motherfucker go first
N***a Joe Dirt on the track with a whole hearse
Giving out bodies man I leave em in the cold dirt
I'm extra sick
I'm ripped off the top like a bag of chips
I'll put it down her throat watch he choke a bit
Make her say it with her chest and
Then fuck her tits
(Fuck Yo Couch!)
Poor X picking beats he can't flow to
But I'm go to for a beat when I come through
These rappers are all defective
I spit all truth like a lie detector
The perverted prince I don't need a lecture
You'd swear she was gold how I chest inspector
There ain't no Hannibal's in my sector
This Avid Asshole you don't wanna mess with
You can't fuck with us........X