[Intro: XP (D.R.A.M)]


(Hey yeah)

[Verse: XP]
Now what makes you think that your so much better?
How dare you leave your smell on my sweater?
How dare you hit me in the night
With a smile trying to Skype
Like we're still friends
When your the whole reason that it did end
When it did had to cry a little
Had to ask why a little
Had to wish that I died a little
Love is a war
But ain't nothing civil
All the shit I would've paid for
For us to not have blown out the candle
If I show up to your house late night for some sugar
Could I still get a handful?
Momma always told me be careful
But I didn't listen
Played without a full deck
Now I'm going fishing
I guess you're too old to be babysitting
[Outro: D.R.A.M]
Cause I have been bad
Oh but you know I still gotchu baby
I've been bad
I had to do what I had to do
But you know I still love you
Still I'll take care of you
(Hey yeah)
Even if you've got a man now
I'd be forced to understand, now