Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
[Verse 1]
Would you like to pet my rifle?
Summer camp is such a drag
I rip into my lemon trifle
I'm too old to play capture the flag
Someone's giving French kiss lessons
How else will we learn to love?

[Verse 2]
Have you ever been to Venice?
Have you ever mauled the prey?
Well I am so damn good at tennis
Will the cat come back the very next day?
I feel like a total goner
How long 'till we fall in love?

[Instrumental Interlude]

[Verse 3]
Would you like to skim my Bible?
Suffered like a Christmas goose
How could I avoid your libel?
Get out of the way, there's nuns on the loose
All roads seem to lead to China
How long till we learn to love?