Whitney Peyton
“Cypher Circuit” Cypher

Seems lately I been so stressed
Drugs and alcohol been fucking up my progress
I give um stories of the demons that have possessed
You want my life, recite the scrolls from my codex
These rappers faker than phone sex
Like she sounds really hot but it's a fat bitch with no neck
You got a sweet life no sweat
You live the life that you were given you don't pick it like a protest
But you want to be a gangster, a hard guy
You're just a bug in the club, you're a bar fly
A far cry from anything close to dope
Get choked and poked and leave here with an open throat
So don't provoke, this pistol here is untraced
So it ain't shit to put a bullet in your dumb face
There's no picks where I'm from you'll get done ace
I almost want to strap a gun to my son's waist
I'm one case from a life sentence
And I'm nice with a mic weapon
But in my hood you need the right weapon
So I keep a long pipe Wesson
I'll tell you nighty night brethren hope you like heaven
And don't be cock sweating, I don't trust fans
That's how they got Lennon, get off my nuts fam
I appreciate the love but what the fuck man
Dap and say what's up and keep it moving that's enough damn
I've been to many states, rocked plenty stages
Seen suckers buckle when the semi raises
I persevered through some shitty phases
And punched a couple rappers in their sissy faces
Smug artists and their attitudes
You spit nice, I'll real life the shit out of you
They got no cred, piggy backing dudes
Never clapped a gat or pushed a package on the avenue
Yeah Levis and some Lo shit
I keep fly these guys on some hoe shit
Rocking skirts and knee highs probably blow dicks
I pray you fucking creeps die on some slow shit
Uhh don't ever try to minimize
My level of ill skill, chill I'm energized
I got a winner's drive, battling the sins inside
I'll get you penalized, stomped out and skinned alive

Y'all need to recognize, I'm wrecking guys, let me reiterate
Steadily building my enterprise, let me innovate
New and improved flow shit, the goal is dominance
Monstrous, I'm used to broken promises
Emcees rhyme with absolutely no competence
Writing my verses with passion, hitting the stage with confidence
End result you copping it, you knocking it, now you locking it
Universal language, we do damage and we locking shit
Wack bullshit we here to put a stop to it
We lap cats, they left in the dust straight watching it
They jog, we do high intensity intervals
They recite written, I freestyle at all interviews
The energy is immaculate, the beat and how I'm attacking it
Public enemy when I'm rapping it, artifacts I'm back packing it
What I represent you not half of it
Hip-Hop is getting drastic, that's why I spit so passionate
Recognize I'm stepping high, let me rectify
Steadily call the next to rhyme and the best to shine
Every time causing damage to your neck and spine
These Marsten House beats are bugging, come equipped with insecticides
You I'm driving a plow you need to step aside
With every breath of mine I'm testing time and investing time
Emcees like this always stand the test of time
On this quest of mine starring in the face of death is fine
Yo I'm making sense/cents like I'm pressing dimes
Tattoos on this flesh of mine remind me of those special times
Homies used to have my back but now it's nevermind
Hey yo it's funny, I had their backs every time
I'm not the dressing kind, attach it with a level mind
You're not on my level, my level is a testy climb
I only need a few hours to really rest in mind
Y'all need to recognize the best and just step aside

Mass murderer, spit slicker than burglars
Nerd for the words kicked, my worst shit is impervious
Rocking a flak jacket with tacks strapped to the back of it
When I'm coming up these fucking punks don't know I'm packing shit
Rappers average, don't know what being savage is
Inspired and I'm fuckin fire like a pack of matches is
I crack a faggot's ribs, brick into his stomach
Til he coughing up a lung with red blood dripping from it
Hung him from the summit, strung him like a puppet
And if the beat is dope I'ma rum pom pom pom it
While you suckers getting run from your jums and one hunnits
I'ma smoke your crack rock and get high while you fund it
Why you fronted?, Philly been forever dope
Clever quotes in my rhymebook you could never wrote
Sever throats when I'm spitting it's the black plague
Dirty like a fucking crackwhore on the back page
You small fags talking shit cuz you all mad
That I adjust the forecast in your broad's pants
Watch me sell a bitch dreams if my cock is hard
I fill um up with meat, roll um out like a shopping cart
You don't know the facts bitch get some Zovirax
My dick drip cuz I kick shit like Pete Gogolak
What's the science on that bullshit you trying
You thirsty little punks are just runts to Goliath
Run from your highness or get punched in your hymens
We fucking all you cunts, but you're the ones stuck behind us
Nevermind us, we just here killing shit
You got me on your watch like a clock cause you still a bitch
Philly sick, I'm demented with a sentence
Like a crazy mothafucker stuck in jail no repentance
Flowing with a vengeance, no codefendents
I do my dirt all by my lonely homie no dependents
What..Bad Karma

T-Zank throw the Z for these people that sleeping on the dream
Or stay DMT releases when I be speaking to your brain
Can you be keeping up with the frequency of my waves
Believing what you think cuz your thoughts are what cause creation
I make shit happen quick, active with that pad and pen
Average men are only those who haven't found they tablets yet
Lack of money comfort got us fucking with the struggle
On that independent hustle, avoiding the cumbrous slumber c'mon
Awaken and deviate from roboticism
Doing jobs we hate don't make for a probable system
It's a toxic cycle and people starting to fight it
Cuz they sick of being lied to and living for business giants
I'm the mic of the '99, incite a riot
We can't breathe with ?? police in the streets killing the climate
Environment needing to change cuz the quieter that we stayed
The more violations get made against the rights that we were gave
We socialize specialize populations
Say if you don't go to college you probably be minimum waging
Those fuckers work forever indebted to loan payments
And my graduated homies still hoping for occupation
And that's equation for collapse
That's the reason I'm preaching this inspiration in my raps
Lead your own path and deviate from the norm
Cuz success is a soul it doesn't die before it's known..c'mon


K.Daver 603 to the 215. God bless for the call I'm gonna take y'all on a journey

When the laughter is gone and the crying begins
Personal struggle coupled with the times we are in
Self reflection only route to cleansing this hate
But I don't want small wins, want to contend with the greats
Life has a way with putting us in our place
If I find God I'm putting one to his face
My family's in poverty, how ?? I should be
But my will is gone so my movement has no velocity
Moves are like molasses and lungs of an asthmatic
Finished by derivatives of skeezy mathematics
I'm out my mind with hurdles on the daily, don't play me
Itchy trigger finger sending 80 to Hades
Baby my mind's a Mercedes, reality is a Honda
Vicious bloodshed that are graphic like manga
Five out of six sell Russian Roulette
When the walls are painted red take a picture of debt

[Whitney Peyton]

Anyone got a step stool?

I never rap on beats like this, I got to switch my flow up
Impending adolescence so fuck you if you a grown up
They say I'll never make it not unless I change my tone up
Or spit it like I'm Nicki and I'll switch my fucking tone up
I'm such a loner, I got no one, I'ma go nuts
Running circles 'round you bitches in the booth I'm doing donuts
I'm so broke I'm saying dough ("doh") more than Homer
And everybody sleeping on me, call my album coma
I'm such a lunatic, I'm chewing up condenser mics
And spitting out the pieces even Jesus couldn't prevent the hype
Ha..you think I'm the offensive type?
Nah you like auto spell, you never get my message right
That's like a drunk text, I'm saying "I'm next"
So sleeping on me's sleeping on stacks, bunk beds
I'm candy crushing all you angry birds and nervous wrecks
Cypher with my buddies here, I call it words with friends

[Coal Cash]

Bad Karma the genre of war advocate
Cracking your cranium, your brain begun to pour out of it
Hacking your atrium, titanium vs your baby gums
Labium getting cracked with a bat backed by 80 tons
Arabian wraps on a maniac
Iranian packing uranium with the power to sack the stadium
Gymnasium bomb, more stiff-arms than Ladainian
And you'll land in a drill, doing a windmill at Palladium
Arcadian built, stand on a hill of rotted bodies
Shadows of your defeat will stain the streets like Nagasaki
Watch me get deep in the heep and severed appendage
Cleanse you in Chlordane til the core of your brain hemorrhages
Flensing your frame until the stains resemble Rorschach
Adapt to the war, rip the spinal cord out of your back
Got ball bats riddled with steel spikes, strike your ball sack
Collapse your windpipe in mid-flight before you fall flat
Fall back it's the 4 cats of apocalypse
Riding nuclear rockets of radioactive toxic hits
I'll cock ya bitch, impale her clique with my tentacle
It'll look like Foosball when I rip through all their genitals
Your crew is RuPaul, I bet you do all them trannies
Who fancy the Macarena rocking cock restrainer panties
Ante up, my family fuck up your squadron
You ain't dodging Zangief, I'll slam the streets with your noggin
Got a problem with my people better speak to Jehovah
Cuz my soldiers know no equal we the lethal exposure
Bulldozer over your fam, I roll with battering rams
It's the medieval rover, interlopers get overran
So overstand, before we stand over your corpse
I'm spitting all sorts of flows to blow holes through your thoughts
I show not remorse I'll force ya face into a Cuisinart
For body part Cuisine, now you and your team can feed the sharks


Rappers is all trash, we here to take the garbage out
You ain't street, you sweet, you took the Harvard route
Fuck what your bars about when the fire gods come out
Blue torch, my crew scorched the roof off of Marsten House
I'm with Karma now, Wild Fire arson style
Raised the whole foundation, like a fatherless child
Spit my heart out when I'm parting the crowd
Pardon the sound, the industry busy marketing clowns
It's on now I've gone down the road less traveled
Rather chill at home where I don't get hassled
From being broke in shackles to the throne and the castle
When they see me at shows they be like Tones lets battle
No writtens, fuck dissing you
My stunning visual inspires the writers and the albums you listen to
You unoriginal and you're sonning the physical
I'm official, the one when it comes to the lyrical
It's just pitiful how one individual
Could split your crew, break you up like syllables
Fuck the bullshit, I won't sit through the interview
Like Kim Jong Un, him go boom for the ridicule

Ha..they hate us cuz they ain't us


Ye ye Tab One, Tab One, whaddup whaddup shout out to all the PA fam, get busy Marsten House shout to every fucking rapper in the house let's just burn this fucking mic down know what I'm saying

I think I'm owed a stipend for the stifling shit I'm writing
Rifling through what you reciting with a rifle up to your hype men
I'm liking being a lycan, you won't like this light skinned Titan
Enlighten you with lightning stick your tribesmen with a trident
Go on try it, I'm James Bond holding the golden gun plus Wu Tang, Liu Kang, and Bruce Wayne all rolled in one
Your run is over, you about to be overrun
Ya I know your claims, how you gonna control the game with broken thumbs
Poking fun at this faggot scene, not too much we haven't seen
For the cash and cream, take it in the asshole, no Vaseline
Your whole image is purely a massive scheme
You say shit that's basic can't be cured with Dramamine
I mean you sold your soul to be a millionaire
And it look like you purchased most of your wardrobe from Build a Bear
Smoking mad krill thinking your skills compare
You a reminiscent of a dying man's will, you ill prepared
Already sinking, decapitating every king man
When burning and heavy drinking turns into machete swinging
Trying to define how I manifest this deadly thinking
So you can copy my recipe for success, you Jesse Pinkman
It's perjury these verbal murder sprees you learn from me
I fathered your style go and check the paternity
I certainly burn emcees assertively in living color like the Wayans brothers impersonating Vernon Reid
Discernibly you're only lusting for cream
That's why the topic of discussion is how I'm crushing your team
I'm just obscene like nothing you've seen up in the scene
All listening call me symbian, I'm a fucking machine
Trying to touch a screen no stylus, But I got no stylist
Just a whole lot of soul and Coal as a co-pilot
I unload some ultraviolet that's so vibrant
It would trap your soul inside it before you close both eyelids
Inscribed on old papyrus in cuneiform
Using a horn of a unicorn to tell of a mythical beast, In human form
You've been warned don't matter who performs
I'm a mixture of a super storm, a fusion bomb, and Kublai Khan
You done cross the Rubicon, not smart
You'll leave with combat scars in a compact car couldn't Dodge Darts
Claiming that you too real, and you got heart, like you ill
But you fruit filled you little Pop Tart
I pop lead at serpents til they drop dead for certain
This Sermon is prophetic cuz, God said it's working
I don't discriminate just got a hot head that's burning
So you need to fix your face like a cosmetic surgeon
A lot's been determined that you vermin just can't grasp
Made the mad dash left foot prints in the clans that I ran past
You on your knees blowing, hoeing for that fast cash
And you know better, that's why you pros era no Joey Badass
You stay confused, been a crazy dude since '82
Back when my mom hid anti-psychotics in my baby food
Paul George hauled off of a ball court it's breaking news
A Youtube page, don't equate to paying dues
Been slaying crews leaving scorched earth and burnt sand
When I need to fight I lead with my right, you'll learn first hand
Without a doubt you'll get earth slammed
Hip-Hop needs a mouth to mouth, I ain't talking Weezy and Birdman
Word fam you looking for the rawest yet then we gotcha
Getting these bars of my chest, I don't need spotters
Torture rack ya, I don't let the heat pop you
I slaughter rappers cuz my thoughts are blacker than Tariq Trotter
So run brother before we come to confront ya
And hock some lung butter on you scum sucking chump busters
And you will uncover that I'm like that mushroom from Mario Brothers the way I one up ya

[Big Lou]

I've accepted my crucifixion, my street addiction...I'm fucking with y'all. Y'all thought I was gonna fuck up right? Hahaha

Yo I started with street sweepers when I was deeper
Than any lyrical creature that called theyself a feature
I was ether without Nas verses
When I stepped on a serpent I started pissing off fake rappers on purpose
Urging them to fight so I can leave um earthless
So I can make um feel lesser than that pussy they purchased
Pray for 40 days and 40 nights verses
Til the boss carry the cross and corrupt the churches
Goonie certain, my gun play working
Til they see me in person and bullets start emerging
Now they covered in blood, I call them virgins
Stash a Tommy and a 4, black excursion
Kids'll find you with no wig, brain surgeon
You'll be laid out on the floor, red Persian
Busting for life over that mic I'm murking
If I see you in the hood, it's closed curtains
Ain't nobody earning social media respect
Cuz Facebook and Instagram could be the cause of death
Marsten House I'm that lyrical threat
No disrespect, but I'm the fucking best
I should call my n***as next
Freestyling off the top that's how I do this shit
Off of the head like circumcision
Hahahha...Marsten House man

[Father Focus Confucius]

Attack cyphers, the Zack Snyder of rap writers
Dope like I'm getting these crack pipers to act hyper
Pimping plus I'm good with a tool, they call my Mack-gyver
Blast fire and shade, y'all are afraid to slash tires
Y'all are jaguars meaning that you cats biters
Hate to tell you fella you would make a better cab driver
I am the glow that came out of the darkness
Like a black lighter, Anderson flow a world class striker
What marvel would marvel with zero margin doubt
Alien tongue, baby I'm gunning with the Martian mouth
Hit my marksmen, marched um out to Marsten House and got to moshing
Father Focus also known as failure is not an option
Hottest in Wisconsin dropping, mobbing out in Illadelph
Dead Rabbits savage shit, your head ain't bobbing kill yourself
Represent the under-puppies, the under-studies
Of the struggle chew this food for thought, that's why the hungry fucking love me
Hustling since Chucky's size, but I been cutting ties
This world is a vampire, I won't let it suck me dry
Throw up my right fist, I write scriptures, y'all just write scripts
My rites of passage write for the masses and keep it righteous
I'm reciting victory bars, for children with scars
It's that hard knock poetry while twisting cigars
Poverty rap, they see me psychologically snap
On cold nights between the rolled dice n domino slaps
Geronimo Pratt, a second chance a panther released
My new album drops, a hundred thousand rappers released
I'm back on the east, I came a long way to do this
I will never switch teams like Lebron James or Judas..Dead Rabbits


Don't call me Term bitch, call me the Tokyo traveler
Ring rattler, microphone fiend, spleen splatterer
Green challenger, automatic with three silencers
This weed and these challengers, high caliber
Man I shoot um down down bang bang
Said I'll put um in the ground ground
Far as we concerned, we will put um with the worms
Or make your baby mama sniff the ashes out your urn
Let the whole team blast, smash and take turns
Let the whole thing blast, no flashing, that's for herbs
I'm sick with the word play, nice with the blah blah
Since I used to move bricks of baby powder
Back on the scene like I'm reading the script
Driving through the block slow like my seed in the whip
What's the meaning of this rap shit, the meaning is this
Money, hoes, cash, clothes, good weed and a fifth
So what's todays mathematics, show um the automatic
Get you heart splattered on Park Ave. in front of the crackers
Leave um like rappers with their pockets like rabbit ears
Give me a stick that I could live off for a half a year
Give me a chick that love to fuck, suck and swallow
Hennessy by the bottle a clip filled up with hollows
Got the whole world in a state of debt on my shoulders
I'm opening up doors like a gentlemen's suppose to
Everyday different city, looking fresh on the poster
Really I get love where you never should go to
Without that moose killer on deck in the holster chit
Bang.. Marsten House, time I'm out