Whitney Peyton
Nationally Rollin’ 2.0
[Verse 1, Ed E. Ruger]
You see the [?] it’s early man, I’m already roasted
Poppin’ the top off of the Mason jar, let’s get to the smokin’
Tokin’ dro that’s so potent, room smelling’ like goat sh*t
Old yellow and it’s sticking to the wall like a post-it
Got the herb, you get the bourbon man, we about to get toasted
Hit the club and shut it down and flood the town with posters
Out rhyming, out grinding, out shining these poses
While you still gettin’ f*cked in the game with no Trojan
I manage myself, with a team that’s hell on promotion
Throw the biggest shows in my state while you hatin’ I’m hostin’
Tryna hold the wheel steady, you damn right I’m focused
In a rented minivan that’s pretty far from a tour bus
Get it crackin’ from New York to the Kak, back to Oakland
Find a spot with a open mic and show ‘em how to rock like it’s supposed to
Roller coaster flow, slick with the tongue, my style the grossest
Little bit numb, overcome by the fungus, call it punchline halitosis
Hit ‘em with a fly, then I hit ‘em with a CD, then I tell ‘em where to see me
Back to the road trip, hit ‘em with a flow, then I hit ‘em with some mo’
Then I hear all the h*es scream, “Oh yeah!”

[Verse 2, SkyBlew]
Who you addressin’?
I should coast for thousands on islands
I cruise through the silence
Coolest nerd, a Farrow, no collin
Or colon whatever, get your organs together
Riding late night, no brake-lights, they gassin’ propellers
Mentally elevated, they be reminiscin’ ‘bout my premonitions
With a chick cosplayin’, that’s who your women wishin’ they was
My buzz not confused with the next man
They songs ain’t engaging, might as well be the best man
They chicken out but see I’m a breast man
My team ain’t worried ‘bout the bread, we prepared for the sunbeams
Gifted so presently got a cup full of eggnog
Verses so heavenly somebody better send a god
Gold in my direction, never seen on that BS
Got my own steez, only [?] in that DS
Respect the cloud boy I’m serious I’m [?]
Picture me rolling in Japan with your mother dearest
Send a deuce pop got in on lock like a b-boy
Keys open doors on a resource
If a recourse, I’m a pass in the air
No [?] give nightmares, Oh yeah!
[Chorus, Wax]
NY to LA yo (Hey!)
DC to Diego (Hey!)
Carolina to the Bay yo
We just nationally rollin’
In the Murcielago (Ay!)
Or even the Winnebago (Ay!)
Gots to run where you stay though
You could be nationally rollin’

[Verse 3, Whitney Peyton]
My drawers at home, all overflow with gas receipts
I’m always rollin’, if you with me better fasten seatbelts
In the passenger, nobody is passin’ me
Parking tickets on my dash, the meter maid’s harassin’ me
I paid him with my last CD and told him that I’m out of cash
Cruising through the EZ Pass lanes without an EZ Pass
Believe me that I got no time to dine so I be eatin’ fast
Top Ramen, Easy Mac, windows down, my seat is back
Got my clothes in my trunk, livin’ off my music
They sayin’, “How does she do it?”
By livin’ out of my Buick
I’m on a plane more often than the captain or stewardess
So I may be young but you’re crazy dumb
Assumin’ I’m new at this
Haters carry on but I got my carry-on
Going state to state, the underdog gettin’ placement with my songs
Hate on it if you want, I ain’t sayin’ that it’s wrong
But acknowledge that I’m coming up from the basement at my mom’s
I’m gone and still constantly fuming like fondling
I’m just a fuckup like miracle sodemy
Stepping on stages while everyone’s watching me
Grabbing the mic like (Oh yeah!)
[Verse 4, Wax]
Cruising down sunset laid back hittin’ herbs
Rims bent up from hittin’ curbs
I ain’t the best para-llel parker, just an L-sparker
Pulling up next to an Xterra
And what do I spy by my side but five fly honeys
Strapped up in a ride like they ‘bout to pull a drive-by
I hollered, “Hi, I’d like to know if you’d like to come by my
Place later on for a Mai Tai and a smoke?”
They like, “What? Is this a joke? You broke, we only f*ck dudes with money and coke”
I’m like, “Damn,” typical Hollywood whores
Pedal to the floor, get out to the comedy store
I’m at the outside bar, chillin’ checkin’ out the skeezers
Sippin’ Bud Leezers with my homie T Reezers
One more than we dip to the Valley
Tryna see what type of trouble we can get in in Cali, man
Everywhere that we go, people hold they hands up high
When the [?] go by, the greet us all, the flyest señoritas be like (Oh yeah!)

NY to LA yo (Hey!)
DC to Diego (Hey!)
Carolina to the Bay yo
We just nationally rollin’
In the Murcielago (Ay!)
Or even the Winnebago (Ay!)
Gots to run where you stay though
You could be nationally rollin’