Whitney Peyton
What? The Jokerr?
Man, he’s garbage!

[Verse 1: The Jokerr]
Yo, yo, you probably heard I’m a nerd
You probably heard that I talk more shit than a mouth full of turds
Living in my grandma’s house, in the ‘burbs
On a World of Warcraft account and emerge
Only when I gotta go and get a little more cash
I have my rich mom bail out my poor ass
While I sit around doing jack shit
And having everything given to me, free as a goddamn bird
They probably said I was a spoiled little punk
I avoid any conflict, like a damn monk
And I hideout, in my studio and talk junk
If I ever had a fight, I couldn't even throw a punch
The problem is I got my panties in a bunch
Cause I was shopping my demo when nobody gave a fuck
So I started dissing rappers, and wanted to act up
Cause they’re all where I wanna be, and got what I want
Yo, well let me set shit clear
I work my ass off, even to get here
I bought my own house by saving up cash
And working at a bullshit ass job for six years
I built my own studio, up from the ground
And reinvested my property improve on the sound
And built the credit I needed to by the damn microphone
I’m explaining myself all while I’m smashing the queers
Ten more years, and I ain't slowing down
The J to the O, you know I been around
Even if you tryna hate, even if you wanna clown
You ain't taking away the fact that I’m stardom bound bitch!
I paid dues, now I’m cashing my chips in
The self-made man, and I’m back with a vengeance
Fuck whatever rumor that you happen to mention
It doesn't even matter cause I got your attention, ha ha ha!
[Chorus 2x: Cryptic Wisdom]
It’s amazing to me, how the same people be
On the same dick, saying the same shit, same shit
Rumors, got nothing but rumors

[Verse 2: Whiteout]
Y-y-y-y-you probably assume that I fuck my fans
Cause they wanna reach out and touch my hand
What can I say so you understand?
You're luck just ran out shut up man!
I've been running a muck but I've been coming up man
So to sum it up something like the new jump man
I'm the new front man, no I don't front man
You don't wanna stand in my way when I come land
Behind my back you say I'm stuck up
But when I come around you shut the fuck up
I guess you must think I'm arrogant
But please remind me why I should care again
In my mind I try to compare them sometimes I find I miss scaring them so they start hating on something they don't know
Won't say it to your face don't know, won't know, someone I know used to call me a rich kid
He was just jealous of the way I did business
Why can't I finish a sentence without you thinking I said that
And I did this?
I can remain an optimistic
That maybe some day you'll stop this shit
You are not going to get my attention
Cause you're not worth enough to mention
I've learned my lesson and you should too
These rumors are not a good look for you
Sooner or later they're looking at you for the answers
Go on and give them the truth. Do you feel stupid yet?
I bet you do, you come to my show, won't let you through
Cause there ain't no room for nonsense
Yeah you will lose I promise
[Chorus 2x: Cryptic Wisdom]

[Verse 3: Whitney Peyton]
I bet you heard I'm a bitch
Cause I didn't tweet back now you're sitting there pissed
Bet you heard that I'm rich
Trust fund baby everything I want I get
And just cause I'm a chick, you assume that I get down with
Every dude you see me with and you keep insisting that I have a ghost writer cause it's kinda far fetched that I be this sick
(easy diss) Please eat dicks, Fuck your couch, I'm a stuck up prick
In a fucked up town. Want to spread that round? Cut that out
You don't know shit so shut your mouth
Truth is I barely do this, pay bills at the same time my landlords
A nuisance thinking I got dough to blow you're so clueless
How can I be rich when you steal my music?
And I spend my Friday nights at home all alone
With a beat, and i write, and you keep showing off
All your fancy ass clothes at the same time
Rapping in a cheap ass mic
Tell me, how's that work for you?
Should we all bow down now and adore you?
Well, maybe if you spread some bullshit around
Everyone will hate me and support you
Right, that's logic stop it
I work hard, spit hot shit constant
Bitch, I've earned everything that I have
So I ain't got time for no bucaca, I'm a freaking monster
You can, run and tell your mama
Get that, he said, she said, shit outta hear
We ain't got no time for foolish drama
[Outro: The Jokerr]
Yo, hahaha, it’s so funny
Cause the same people, spreading all this bullshit
Are the same ones stalking our Facebook pages
Ha, you can’t leave us alone can you?
I mean, if I suck so much?
Then why you like me so much?
Fuck it!

[Chorus 2x: Cryptic Wisdom]