Lil Scrappy
Stand Up
I ain't switching
I ain't snitching
I ain't bitching
I ain't flipping
I ain't dipping
Imma stand up like a man and take
I ain't ducking
I ain't dodging
I ain't working
I ain't my n***a
Imma stand up like a man and take
Goin hate real hard
Like them n***as did god
My n***a
Imma stand up like a man take
Gave up my bitch
I ain't stunting that shit

[Verse 1: Lil Scrappy]
So you n***as wanna throw bottles
And hoes swallow
Try to hate out of me
You goin need an impala
I all i do is fuck models
I'm slinging rap like crack
From da A to Chicago
Gotcha ya born leaders
So the real G follows
Seeking that smoking weed
In my chevy monte carlo
I don't know why you tryna holla
Dem n***as hating over there
I hope you got ya dollar
Yeah i know you see ya boy toma
With a couple of broads
With my jewerly all on
See my tee shirts and vest
All over my chrome
Dis n***a hating like he got another ass at home
Hey i got my mamas blood in me
So my heart a fighta
And if i put it on my hood
Dat mean imma rida
I be wishing shit be all good
And my days get brighta
But i dont be stunting and shit
I just spark up da fire

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Ok you n***as wanna throw bottles, and hoes swallow
My n***as they throw hollows, and mo follow
Like TNT, I know drama, so I'm-a
Keep that AK like Osama, fuck ya honor
Motherfucker, fuck your mama! To the 10th power
Fill his body with embalma, him a goner!
Stop a n***a like a comma, no informer!
But we got that white boy, that snow, that informer!
Yeah, I got work like an employer
10 guns, 10 goons, and 10 lawyers
And I ain't tryin' to ignore ya...
But money talks - you should let your money talk for ya
(Where you on?) On a corner, right in front of granny
7 gram special... welcome to the Grammies!
And only new money make me happy...
So I'm about to take the old ones, split it up with Scrappy