The 49ers
Chorus: Acharu
Reminisce ふと
足を止め そっと

Verse 1: Jas Mace
Yeah, yeah, uh I close my eyes and reminisce about the days of old
Before life got real and we pretended we were grown (we were grown)
Doing things we probably shouldn't
Could have died a couple times
Getting caught telling lies I don't know how we survived (how we do that)
Cause sometime it's like we had nine lives (uh huh)
A bunch of curious cats, making beats and writing raps (every night)
Until early in the morning got to school and still yawning
Teachers on my ass cause I wasn't in class
I kept a fake hall pass played the wall until the girls passed
Silly me, thinking this would always last (uh huh)
Yeah, but it was only a wish
Cause like a guy with no fingers that there man is pointless (pointless)
Cause life goes on (goes on)
And the world still spins like continuous revolving doors (uh huh)
So appreciate this (yeah)
Get up with your friends take some time and reminisce cause

Chorus: Acharu
Reminisce ふと
足を止め そっと
Verse 2: Marchitect
Without a care in the world I just stared at the girls
Back in the day before I ever went anywhere in the world
The universe – my street
The hand me downs – my clothes
From my bros
I followed them around when they rolled
In the summer sun
All day until the sun was done
You look back and even being bored's fun
Trouble just found you, mama might ground you
And now your boys are at your window laughing trying to clown you
You want nothing more than to walk out the door
Write something dirty on the wall or maybe steal from the store
It all happened so fast it was all just a blast
Doing my own stunts and got my arms in a cast
How long did it last?
Not long enough if you ask
Cause presently you see it's all in the past
I pour a tall glass reminisce one time
For old time sake I just kick one rhyme

Chorus: Acharu
Reminisce ふと
足を止め そっと
Verse 3: Tribeca
Let me tell you about me so legendary
Ski met Suede then Suede met Chi
Camp Lo got born my partners got on
Diamond Crook Franchise my loyalty was sworn
Then 97 came a lot of things done changed
Suede put a beat machine close to my range
Turn the MP on it didn't take long
For me to turn my first beat into a song
Big up to Jungle Brown
Put me on his first 12"
We were great, Son of Fire gripping the game like a wrench (like a wrench)
Wasn't really feeling sitting on the bench (nah)
So I made funky beats now the label smell the stench
Eventually things slowed up
That's the nature of business, spend a buck to get a buck (yes)
Still here though with the rare flow
But I reminisce where did all the good years go

Chorus: Acharu
Reminisce ふと
足を止め そっと