The 49ers
Gotta Zone
Intro: Marchitect
Yeah, how my man Jas Mace say, gotta lay back and groove to that one, you know, yeah

Verse 1: Marchitect
Ever since I woke up, I ain't been one to sleep
Knowing is the whole battle, and we won by leaps (yeah)
Bound to nothing see we're free to traverse
The whole planet Earth and put it in a verse (uh)
Right on time like I'm tagging on the clock (uh)
You'll never even know when I'll be hanging on your block (nah)
Or in a town near you, on top like a smock
Put it down colorfully as all my fans watch
I jet like Joan, yeah we're jet flown
Even limo driven when we got to get gone (gone, peace)
And get back home to the loved ones
Back to recording and bust rhymes like a thug's gun
Take a little break and step out in the sun
Because the sun is where it's at and we're about having fun (having fun)
One blood in this Hip-Hop world
Going out to the B-boys, all the B-girls worldwide

Hook: Jas Mace
US gotta, Japan gotta, UK gotta, Brazil gotta
Canada's gotta zone
Korea gotta, France gotta, Oz gotta, New Zealand gotta
India's gotta zone (all around the world, yeah)
Verse 2: Jas Mace
I got a zone in every city like an area code (uh huh)
Put it down for my people yeah we carry the load (that's right)
With the world on my shoulders I travel the atlas (yep)
You can't out last us 49ers makes classics
And these plastic emcees (uh huh)
Are only good for recycling no originality (nah)
The 49 write rhymes without gimmicks (uh)
Like an overcrowded clinic yeah we got the illest lines
Worldwide like dot com (dot com)
They show us love in every country that we're standing on (uh)
And in the future no matter the planet they play it on
Real still recognize real rap songs (yeah)
Every lyric's my philosophy (uh huh)
Every breath we take's fulfilling prophecy
A product of an explosion
Something like a supernova so you know we're going to blow up

Hook: Marchitect
Holland gotta, Sweden gotta, Jamaica gotta, Morroco gotta
Egypt's gotta zone
Polland gotta, Belize gotta, China gotta, UAE gotta
Columbia's gotta zone
49ers gotta, White Rain gotta, Marchitect gotta, Jas Mace gotta
Hip-Hop's gotta zone