The 49ers
Fresh Style
Verse 1: Marchitect
I got more 16s than drivers education (uh)
More 20s than the fake ID shop
More hooks than Kareem Abdul got
Yeah, my bars is cold like a gulag
You could chill to what I drop but it's hot
I gotta laugh, when rappers talk about what I'm not
They want to see what I got, want to know what I possess
I possess more beats than Pac's ghost that fresh
The microphone owner not a microphone loaner
Not a beat leaser, plus I got a nice speaker box (uh)
My MP holds beats like a sneaker box (yeah)
Brighten up half your day like the equinox

Verse 2: Jas Mace
I got the industry blues
I got to deal with A&Rs that keep giving me bad news (uh)
I got to work with idiots everyday (uh huh)
And got girls hitting my wood like Master Pei Mei (ha)
I got more dope lines than a free clinic
And more dignity than rappers with gimmicks (uh huh)
I got an idea, that I want to share (idea, what)
You don't like it, so what I don't care
I got a problem with being self-righteous (self righteous)
That's right trick, shit I'm always right bitch (ha)
I got a sick sense of humor, a sixth sense for culo (say what)
And a son that's mulatto
Verse 3: Jas Mace
I never had the luxury of living without responsibilities (nope)
I never listened to these wack emcees (never)
I don't be feeling these frauds
And can't stand it like a two-legged tripod
I don't talk too much (uh huh)
Matter of fact, I'm the quiet type your mamma said don't trust (trust)
I don't rush can't act in haste
And I hate wasting food eat everything on the plate (that's right)
Except the red meat cause I don't eat beef
And I can't mess with swine, these pigs carry nines (damn right)
Never had the time to just relax (never
Cause even when I'm sleeping at night I think of raps

Verse 4: Marchitect
I have not a second to spare, I got no competition (nah)
Plus I'm always making moves like I ain't got a pot to piss in
I ain't gotta go to prison I don't even have a warrant
No hype, no promotion, we gonna rip it like a torrent (uh)
Do not have your albums I just never felt the need (nah)
I just went to get the weed but I never felt the seed (yeah)
I don't have receipt for a pile of fake ice
Put out my own records I don't have to play nice (ha)
Matter of fact, I don't have to do nothing
But not pay taxes, stay fly, and not die
So I'm not stressed and I have no fear
While you suckers are assed out like Prince's gear, yeah