Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire
MTV RapFix Brooklyn
D.T.A. I don't trust none of my homies
Juice laced my spliff with PCP and never told me
Pass me a cup of bleach and send me straight off on this codeine
Wash it down with O.E
Now im throwed' up like O.G's
My voice hold the beat down, its the anchor
And my homie stay with the metal/medal like Kurt Angle
Zombies blowing up like the Boston Marathon
Boom! What to soon? Opposite of late bloom
Dunk from the free throw since I was spewed from the womb
Survival of the fittest, I ate my twin in the womb
And due to Robin Givens I may never jump the broom
And while you paid for pussy I was out in Paid Dues
Stage diving turn to [?] diving, people to my pool
You a fool if you think I ain't on the move
I am it, I am new, I exude what cannot be reproduced
Execute for my grimy and my destitute

[Nitty Scott]
Thicker than a brick
Then im slicker than Rick
Cryptic, keep a Bic on flick
I remember playing hookie with rap rookies for corner store goodies
Cop a Rita ? pucking liters ? and Adidas and hoodies
Real G's I big up
Ill sounds I stick up
More nouns I pick up the more rounds I hiccup
Ludacrics, move Im movin''with you thinkin'is moving this
Well done, Peter Lugar if the route is lucrative
I need more rapping and less ego
Another 'I'm next' rapper, here we go
I be in ? with the infested pen, effect them
And no I don't invest in trends
My audio get ? stuffed in an auditorium
You just a pupil in my musical emporium
Dimensions, I'm blessed with
The flow quenches and drench all five senses
I crossed the Atlantic on the strengths of my raps
They ain't gotta speak the language here to faithin they claps
You were sleeping on my block, taking them naps
Now the boat is like a yacht and you be looking for daps
But, I'm something like a famous nobody
I did it on my own so I owe nobody
My life for fans wristbands and hand stamps
Talks about revolutionaries in band camp
5'2'' and climbing
And I know that life is timing
Its a culture im refining through this consequential rhyming
Cause I don't want my brothers to work no more
And I don't want my mother to hurt no more
So I be doin' it and doin' it, and doin' it well
Sitting next to Bob Marley, Fella, and John Micheal
Vocabulary acrobatic scraping through the static
Instrumental addict, I'm a hip-hop fanatic
[Erick Arc Elliott]
Spit in your face at the Pearly Gates
At twenty-four n***a special like a thirty-eight
The limerick that I kick if four finger ring shots
I use to bust them n***as limbs up like a green spliff
Defying odds
No façade man my city like Oz
So with this tree of weed I'm never tryna be the prize
Rapper dudes half 'em use when I scribe thought
Im a quiet man so if I can't stand I'll fall
Rather be a failure than never mentioned at all
The dimensions of the mind measure crime like yellow tape
Music the bass swap my heart for an 808
You out of shape smoking great
Good God like J.R
Nostrils filled with the potency
I'm smoking keef
Roll my windows down so you notice me
Bow down my radiator hiss like my Amy Wine by now

Spittin' shit
Disfigured like ligaments
Picture the making of this
My hands tied
Watch the smoke float by, by, by, by, by, by
On the porch, newports, packs of the loud
New girl packin the crowd the mac is spectacular
Is you humpin or lovin'
Ehh, a little something
Bitch you know I'm buzzin' bumpin' ? in the back of Matts trunk
And drunk, and we up yet we slumpin'
Zombie, fully function
Fuck corruption, lies vivid as Jannet's titties
Terroristic expirements
America's full of shit
Blinded by skin color
Blinded by his lover
Blinded by shining lights, and you the gift of life
Relax my mind 'til it's do or die
Each moments a mineral
Poetry's protein
The verse is a vitamin
Effects like codeine
[Mr. Muhfuckin'eXquire]
Black God, no porcelain
While C.E.O.'s fartin' in their offices
While Latin broads be fuckin' all orifices
And fuck laws
Fuck all officers
And fuck that little money that they offer us
And fuck take it with them cause its all for us
Cosmic thoughts n***a I'm unorthodox
Cut from a different cloth like I'm an altered tux
Ulterior motives in the 'Scarface' Porsche
Guns ? in case they ever play us soft
I'm a rapper but I'm a rapper but I'm not just rhymin'
Fucking right most of my weeds got multiple in common
I just 'Be' be but I don't listen to Common
I don't listen to O.D.B. and I'm nothing like 'em
That don't mean that I don't like 'em
I knew that you would think that
Cause I be rhymin' psychic
And you can to, guess what the next line is...
"Suck my dick!"
Gold teeth like I got ? no gingivitis
If n***as claiming that they gods than we titans
N***as talk but they hardly enlightened
I done been through it all, shipwrecked with a tiger
And so it is with God ?
Black gloves over both my palms poppin' up like a fucking photobomb
Popping at you like im fucking Proto Man
And that's some old shit you have to be a nerd to understand it
As focused as a Don, hell been over my mission ?
The United States lost the Gulf War
As the world turns and lesbians bump pussies
There ain't to many n***as alive that can fuck with me
As the world turns and these n***as suck dicks
Ain't a moetherfucker breathin' that can touch this