Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire
Is it playing?
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Na, na, na, na, na (x5)

[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]
Kiss my ass in case you get this, get the kitchen supplies
Dishes, washers, wishing water was delicious as wine
Well aware of when and where and who n***a did the crime
Digits, smidgets, you know numbers tell the viciousest lies
Picture pigeons could fly, vision penguins with fins
Pitch a pilot to air soon, schooling fishes to swim
I can't fall for the offer, off of general p
Gentlemen, I'm a gentleman warning generally

[Hook: Chance The Rapper] x3
Justify your love
Justify the blood
Once you find your love
Don't get lost

[Verse 2: Mr. MFN eXquire]
A fortune cookie told me it's three routes
Self destruction and self actualization
The others just a quirky maze when you're driven insane by your imagination
That plain shit, same shit that always make your plane shift
From a higher plane to an off kilter course
An erroneous maze where you can't shift
Shit, ups, downs, [?] write strange [?] of the romantic thoughts
You caught your demons with the same lips
That you kiss your mama with, suck vaginas with
I was feeling honest, my honesty just a bunch of promises that I can't keep
Honestly I really love all y'all
But y'all make me feel like y'all hate me
Same conundrum Jesus faced, but I don't believe in that fairy tale
Reality's too real, how you look me in the face
And tell me that [?] that I can't feel
Shit, I really gave my soul to y'all, I believed in everything you said
I believe in everything you say, never really even fucking talk
And I toss and turn behind my bed
And I toss and turn inside my head
And I tossed my turn, switch one vice for the heist of another
I fucked thirty bitches when I would've got drunk
I told my n***as that I changed but, umm umm