Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire
Fat Fool
Don’t say you love me cause you bluffing and you really don’t
I make my money while the sun is up and then I’m gone
Black diamonds, black car imperial
Wake up in the morning, naked women fixing my cereal
2 men coast one white and white black
Persian bitches, purring on my kitty cat
Bitches want love, I ain’t got no love in me
I just got a fucking flexin and a lot of envy
Lot of hennesy, riding bump the 2 chainz
Drunk off hennesy, vomit on my shoe strangs
Cope the colored mood rangs
I done felt in love with a couple hoes n***a
That’s the way that I do thangs
Never see your sidekick cause it only throw your aura off
Ain’t nothing know everything, n***a struggle it off
Minding war like … some call it pain rapping
At least I got some base in my voice when I do that
Throw a shot at me damn right n***a, I threw back
Blow about my meat, right n***a, I blew that
Mind of Mohamed shining bright under my blue raft
Fly as a comet, riding red like center blue jag
Don’t try em n***a move back, I think that juicy do that
I heard that n***a loco, I heard he talking 2 guys
I ain’t running, I ain’t running
Confronted by the demons in my nightmare
I got a [?] that is quite well
It’s light tales from the hood, everything I grew up come to life
Everything that’s wrong coming right
Everything in dark come to light