Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire
Aquatic Violence
[Verse 1: Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire]
I'm playing Ruzzle on my iPhone
I'm busting ass with my eyes closed
My ex she said I'm childish I don't give a fuck
Tell her I get new man lined up like it's Candy Crush
Might crush his head in a vice grip
Might crush his head like a n***a off Wrestling
Fuck n***as, no batty man
Busting out the X6 like a Megaman
Laminate your bitch like Conan
My n***a Despot move a metric ton
Touch one hair on his head and you a dead man
Might pop up on your block shooting Megatron
My big booty bitch got mega bun
To squeeze one cheek you gotta use both hands
She look good but the pussy trash
She look good so I'm still gon' smash
But fuck bitches, where the cash
Put it in the bag before I put you in a fucking bag
As a youth I was fucking bad
Always cursing, getting kicked out of fucking class

[Verse 2: Meyhem Lauren]
There's some new kings in town, say peace to the throne
Every bag a n***a own came with drugs and cologne
Thugs in the zone, the sky got me feeling at home
Wide awake, never sleeping like the city I roam
Bitches out the country sending pussy flicks to my phone
Take a flight the same night shorty giving me dome
When it comes to foreign affair shit, you know the policy
Everything is right and exact long as they polish me
That's how it's gotta be, respect the odyssey
I'm wearin' n***as, fucking bitches, getting dollars B
Broke through the struggle, kept the rubble as a souvenir
Evacuate the top of the world, my n***as moving there
Sit down for glorious lords and thought designers
We build and add on, remain strong never remind us
Got 35 bitches in Vegas practicing leg lifts
That love fly n***as who rap so we their favorites
[Verse 3: Sean Price]
Uh, the bullet from the fifth spark
Down to wreck your body motherfucker go Biz Mark
Get smart, I got a phone in my loafers
But when it get dark I grab the toast from my holsters, Sean for real
Do harm to grills
Punch your mouth, say ouch before I palm the steel
[?] shottas hate American bastards
That make dollars daily like Erick and Parrish
P, degenerate rap shit
This world is a ex girl you never get back with
I smack dick spit outta your face for trying to
Say slick shit out of your face
This spit that I spat
Will fuck up your eye Slick Rick with a eye patch
You never could rap so don't rap after me
You know better than that, P