Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire
[Verse 1: Kool A.D.]
God damn, God damn, that's how the kid feelin'
Put that black cap on, in a rabbit hole, film it
Duckin', weavin', baskets like a Navajo
Vicky fuckin' Vazquez, couldn't see the kid if you had glasses
Couldn't see me one time with bifocals
Couldn't see me twice, with trifocals
Think global, buy local, bicoastal
Two bi hoes and they high though
Hi, ho, hi, ho, we see you workin'
Feel like 2 Chainz when I feel the two brains
GZA, Genius, it's a sin how explicit, the kid get
Leg, thigh, breast, biscuit, mmm, delicious
Small frame, big team like a kicker
Slave name Victor, lace you with the scripture
Sit back, just take it like a picture--snap
Feel it in the back of the cap, tangly
Pissin' on you morcs, tangy
Heh, right? Oh my God! (tight)

[Hook: Kool A.D.]
Tight (tight) (x16)

[Verse 2: Lakutis]
I said "Oh, God damn!", cause when my dick come out
They gotta use the shit that they weigh the whales wit'
Style on a muthafucka, bitch, Sarah Palin
Skeleton, guess I stayed a spitter just to put the
Fear of God in a pussy, Louis Farrakhan on the TV
Girls make the cross wit' they fingers when they see me
Dog, you already sold your soul for the money
You could see the golden glow off my body
I don't need a dick ridin' fucker tellin' me the shit
I know that I'm the man so you could find another sucka!
Suck another dick up, damn, the flow cold
White gold up the nose make the soul glow
With a dang caramel like a Rolo
What a man don't know don't invoke no

[Verse 3: Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire]
(Release the Kraken), her ass gon' get cracked in
Hit it from the back, on her neck like a bedspin
Crazy legs, on the cardboard when I'm smashin'
Gave me head, wiped her mouth off, said you gashin'
Dash and Blitzen, whole bunch of reindeer
Rain dance, rain dance, shawty, bring ya hands here
And the pussy like a pap smear till she shed a tear
Um, she cried, um, that's weird
Like that fool Kassa, you won't get the reference
Spit it off the top of the head like a dead dick
Chlamydia, gonorrhea, it's rainin' AIDS blood
Catch me drinkin' Everclear in Castle Grayskull
That's some shit I made up, (release the Kraken)
I was bullshittin', I wasn't really rappin'
Shout my n***a Alex, my nuts just spray dust
Now, pause that line cause that shit sounded gay as fuck
Shout my n***a Le1f, that n***a there gay as fuck
Seen him at the Whitney sunday all sprayed up
White like some toothpaste (toothpaste), shoelace (shoelace)
Two face (two face), soufflé (soufflé), I ate it, butt naked
Her pussy so tight, make my face twitch
That's flagrant, I hate it, fuck Mike Finito
This verse was some bullshit, you love it tight

Release the Kraken!