The Grouch & Eligh
Ashes To Ashes
[Verse 1: The Grouch]

Ashes to ashes dust to dust my lord
I need more sustenance
The world weighed tons on my shoulders 'til
I indulged, went head over heels and flipped
Causing conniption fits
Draw some shit to this
Not shit meaning shit
I just had said it 'cause it had slipped through the cosmos
Like it's supposed to get
Here through my crown exposed to kids
Unprocessed, raw and lossless
What means it all?
Thoughts fallin' flat on my lap
Real bossness
One messenger bag and no office
Can't pin me down or box this
Free spirits abound and what's toxic
I must drop it
Fat noodle
You can Google my pockets or try optic
That's the answer: see with your heart
Feel what's real, tell apart from what's not
Or tell it to part from this spot
Get ghost, get gone, get off
Microphone check choose a new source
G&E we gone run our true course
[Chorus: The Grouch and Eligh]

One love, only language we know
Two doves in our hands, we let go
Dust to dust
Here birdies, we're worthy
Fly just for us
Over the ocean feelin' the rush
Free and in motion, we can't be touched
Grouch and Eligh
Grouch and Eligh

[Verse 2: Eligh]

Happy days happy trails through the maze
We walk lawlessly and limp I'm afraid
Until we find the true faith become brave
Real courage finds it's way into the ventricle
Through days made of harsh marsh
Marching over swamps the brigade changes
Depending who was on the same page
Strangers match pictures quick through rage and over love
Constantly engage new energy from up above
The earths synergy I make through
Beats is the breaking tide that lands upon the shoreline
Meets at the feet to encourage one to leap
Jump in and do not waste a second thought
Cuz G&E is on the landing strip
The fly bird flaps to make it snap
Two fingers squeeze lay back and feel the breeze
Sajak at wordplay but no games
I'm so good on wack songs and wack attitudes
Get gone abandon ship
Walk the plank
Angst, if you throw it at me, thanks
You gave me the doorway to walk through
The sunrise awaits take a hint
Anyone who turns away from sunshine is on the brink
Not the precipice of greatness on which I wish to sink in