The Grouch & Eligh
So Complicated
[Verse 1: Eligh]

I refused to get a job, so I got the boot
With a brown back pack on the town, everything that i owned
In a box or two in the back of my cousins Honda
Hit the 5 to get up to the bay
17 with no clutch
No brakes no damn ideas on what it would take to make music to live
Not much debate, that's what it would be, no plan b
No can see no other path, no other math added up
Anyone disagree, missing me subtract that energy
Easily I approach, microphones like I needed one in hand to look natural
Scared little man didn't know what to do
When he got on the stage, he was hiding from you
How could that be? One asked
One outcast couldn't look his best friends in the eye
Wanna die when nervousness enters the brain like parasites
Paralyzed by bright lights, loud eyes, and licence to kill self with night vices
The nice guys finish first sometimes
When a man puts in work on his timeline
When a man rides the surf in his mind
Through catching waves of consciousness divine through rhyme
Over melody's
Piano takes me back to a simple me

[Hook: Eligh]

So complicated, so complicated, so complicated..

[Verse 2: The Grouch]

Now 87 is one of my tempos
You could throw me a curve though
I ain't no simp bro
Been riding the beat since my talent was local
Bay bred buddy 'til I switched it to SoCal
Big Grizzly from the peak to the paws
Used to do that to the tape and wouldn't get no applause
Now every once in a while
Folks from my past put it together and they shit in they draws
Not literally though, figuratively
No Mr. forgive me no more, never know door mat
Wipe your feet on your own back
Ain't into the burnin' bridges, I could never condone that
Till I collapse, I'm still ill and dealin' dap's
Feeling myself, self, you feeling that?
But of course, I love your voice, your word choice is choice
Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
No, but got a German get up and go
So tell me when ta hip ya
You already know
This deep in the scripted sleek
Well dipped, rhythmic, poetic deliverance of speech
With a universal reach
We keep it versatile, to each it's personal
Held close to the blood pump till nurses come
Which song you going to play when the hearses bump?