The Grouch & Eligh
Hella Fresh
[Verse 1: Eligh]

Raindrop pellets on the window sill
Ain't no tellin what the pen goon' spill
Grouch and Eligh, we the men that flow ill
So real, you'll never see a diamond in the grill
But I can think of a way to make you love me with the skills
Appeal to girls and boys around the world with zeal
Seal cracked open back up and get dealed
Kneel, the captain of the ship is on the steal
King of the back beat, on the backseat with a freak
Unique when I speak antique
Bringing that heat to the meat
What a feat when you got no way to hit the street
What does that mean?
Metaphors get lost in sauce when I'm cooking up my stew
What does it matter fella?
When its raining, this is what I do..

[Chorus: Eligh and Kreayshawn]

Hella hella hella hella hella fresh [repeat]

[Verse 2: The Grouch]

Freshwater, saltwater, firewater, wet
Sweat drippin' no slippin' open you bet
That boy goes like an Oakland vet
Baby what you smoking?
No cigarettes
This my breath, when I breathe on it nef
The blind gon' see, indeed most def
Wild wild, these G's my child
Birds, bees, the breeze is mild
Oh yes, fresh to death
We say hella fella really tell it in depth
Deep pockets like a pelican beak
My girl got a mouth
Plus her gelatin' speaks too
Ooh EQ the track
See who'll reach you
These fools or that?
Boom bap or the slap
They stuck on Grouch raps from preschool to frat
[Verse 3: Kreayshawn]

Long nights, green lights
Yellow lights, flashing lights
Red lights, I'm ready to light this up

In the town the night gets dark sometimes
The only light from the blunt that I spark
In my headlights swingin' the reflection of my life
When my head starts spinnin'
Cause I'm sick from the pills that I dipped in
Bring the sweet drama
Millions of miles away from the bay
I still put it on my mama
That I'm hella hella hella hella hella fresh
And I'll slap your hand down if you tryna question this
Have a good time reading what you don't know
If you have the slightest clue then you can decode
All my friends are pregnant with the cell phone charms
Oh amore and you workin' on my weed farm
Shout out Mendocino, they won't make it legal
So I smoke loud blowin' out with my people
Killin' every task and sliding in a Regal
And I do 60 donuts and I'm fly like an eagle aah!