Won’t Be Coming Back
Mad for the ones that are mad for livin'
Mad for life? I am forgivin'
I'm gonna burn like a roman candle tonight
In the city's sight
In the very cold light

I've had enough, I'm goin' to win
I'm 3 sheets to it
And hopin' I sin
I'm just me, I could never be them
Don't know where to start, but I know where it ends

Now I won't be comin' back
Won't be me comin' back

It's gonna be a story for the homes
So you better lock your doors
When the [?]
And the preacher-man hoard
Take it from the top, and never from the top
You wake up with no money in a lonely bus stop

Short change, kickin' the curb
Taking all I have, I guess it's what I deserve
Jesus saves
Saves bens
I'm flat broke, I got nothing to give

Now I won't be comin' back
Won't be me comin' back

In the name of the father and the son
We gonna end up in a pinebox six feet under
And ain't nobody gonna be stunned
'Cuz we know who you were and what you've become

Damn fate
Die on my own
Won't kiss no rings
Lost sight 'bout what life is about
Ain't got no future
I'm over it now