Saturday Night
[Hook: Tim Armstrong of the Transplants]
Every night is a Saturday night
Every night is a Saturday night
Every night is a Saturday night
Saturday night for me

[Verse 1: Tim Armstrong]
In a city boulevard, broken and neglected
When the sun sets, expect the unexpected
Listen to me closely, I'm a straight shooter
Met a policeman who calls himself a looter
Met this girl named Sasako, in the naked city
Things can go so very wrong, sitting on your pity
Couldn't even split, it's a two way tour
Too late now, the devil's knockin at my door


[Verse 2: Skinhead Rob of the Transplants]
I see things a little different through the blood in my eyes
And though you might have fooled them others
I see through your disguise
I rise, I'm gettin' by, no lies, I'm gettin' high
I ain't worried 'bout the next, bet I'm gettin' mine
With this mirror by the cord, no G by the zip
My old lady by my side and my chrome on my hip
We hit the freeway, flyin' twenty-one in the front
Cheatin' death but I know the reaper's still on the hunt(So what?)

[Guitar solo: Slash]

[Bridge: Tim Armstrong]
Always movin' on, town to town
Ain't never gon' slow us down
Never let up, never subside
Uncheckable, born to ride

[Verse 3: Skinhead Rob]
I got a monkey on my back, it's a constant reminder
Let's me know I need to let it go, there ain't no survivors
Still I'm, I'm sayin' "fuck you, roll it, I'm gettin' higher"
Both my lungs and liver beggin' me to retire(nope)


[Guitar Outro: Slash]