[Verse 1]
I'm in a threesome, red wine and bru
Pretty cool, makes me know I'm an animal are you?
I've got scars on my brain and some bleeding occured
Some freaking holes in my veins just from breathing this world In, looking around, didn't see any truth
It may be blocked by the neons, cannot see art
All I'm seeing is shoes and jewels and other things
'Cause the marketing kings know the way to stop peons
Go shop peons, 3D TV, the lead brand
Win a trip to the Carribeans, so you can
Smoke in the sand, feel like a poetic man
Your life is boring and bland, so why not dream on?
Wasting your time - does it not seem wrong?
Watch a man smile, guess what kind of crack he's on
Why is that homeless guy rambling on?
Why do my friends huff gasoline, huh?
Why do we eat pigs, but kittens we pamper and love?
Why do our leaders don't speak for us
Treat foreign lands with a bomb
We give them a second term, like it wasn't a problem
Our fake enemies have pride, so we're happy to rob them of it
Our information in the Web's stomach
I'm waiting 'till it vomits and I bet the fucking feds love it
I'm just trying to grasp the sense of it
To the inventors of beer, wine and weed, you got my thanks for it
They're in a threesome in my lungs and stomach
My body will hate me tomorrow, but right now it's euphoric
And you're just waiting for the chorus to hit
You're 'bout to get horribly pissed 'cause it doesn't exist
Redwinebeer, redwinebeer, redwinebeer...

[Verse 2]
I'm in a threesome, with my nemesis and his mistress
What the hell is my plan? None of your business
Fuck the rich kids, I'm running with misfits
Try to use my brain, the motherfucker's, telling me it's his
I'm outta here, message received
The best medicine fed with impressive technique
Strutting around like Socrates with lessons to teach
Why won't the city notice me? I'm a cellophane creep
Heart beats while the melody's bleak
My mind is a poem, I'm an elegant freak, you know it
Roaming the streets, not known to preach
Pastors, psychics and priests, they are phony to me
My love story - what's it going to be?
I kneel before the drums like Juliette at Romeo's feet
Asking myself what is my road and where's it going to lead
I want money, cash, fame, though it's horribly cheap
But, as you know, Fate's a comedienne
Goddamn, why can't Fate be obedient?
Listen, Fate, please stop killing my friends
Life's a movie, too bad you will never see it again

Redwinebeer, redwinebeer, redwinebeer...