Odd Mammal
[Verse 1]
Nice track, let me spit about chains
I lit a flame, like I'm smoking crack, spit about pain
Next up I gota say hat everybody's spitting the same
(Except for me) I am rapping about different things
And in a different language
Got a tricky advantage
Never panic, 'cause I've been blessed wih a different brain
I gotta claim that I don't care
Middle-finger the fame
Simple and plain - if the Queen's a whore
Then King is to blame (Rrah)
Spit about, how I start revolutions
I spit about indifference causing massive confusion
I spit about being villigent with rapid solutions
Go to a funeral and laugh as I blast my music

Rrrram, pam-pam-pam
Rrrram pama-para
Just like Rihanna got a man down sayonara
Rrrram pam-pam-pam
Rrrram pa-raro
Happines is a warm gun shooting cold ammo

[Verse 2]
Fab like a Fab Four or Cannavaro
I'm kinda dope, crip-walking like Captain Sparrow
Hit the motherfucking bullseye wih wrong arrow
My dick skeleton hard, I'm cumming bone marrow (Woof)
That last line, that was so shallow
My mind's narrow like the towers of an old pharaoh
(The Pyramids) think about it, I'm an odd mammal
Worrying about my lungs while I smoke Camels
I'm like, Aloe Blacc, I need a dollar
Reincarnaition of Salvador Dali, avida DollarS
Fuck that, I wanna be Apollo
So tell Zeus I am coming for his spot
And his pretty daughters
Wherever I go, the city follows
The pretty models try to flee but the heels
Make'em fall on their skinny bottoms
Seeing the world via Biggie's goggles
Hate me or love me
Got the Heart of the City boggled
Love, love me do...