[Verse 1]
A walking stereotype
Big, fat, white male and I'm ready to fight
If you'd like, I'm taking on adversaries tonight
So drop chery-shaded blood, when I bury my knife
In you, find a female I will marry tonight
Politely fill her with sperm, so she can carries my child
It's brilliant
Working for the enemy's nice
I mean a paycheck
My inner rebel's barely alive
He's a civillian
Look down my ignorant eyes
The train of thoughts can't arrive in the village of lies
I'm the corrupted media's illegitimate child
It's been a while since I got wings but I'm not willing to fly
I'd rather watch TV 'till I'm truly dead
Wishing I was Louie C.K. or Hank Moody's friend
The movie ends and I'm scared, 'cause I'm losing my health
Nicotine, alcohol and illusions of wealth
My mind's polluted an Death's a breath away
Pop pills like a maniac, chase the stress away
My head's spinning like I'm doing ballet
Yeah, what a shame, interesting how we messed up yesterday
And... Rape tomorrow with no condom on
Then we start to ponder where's the problem's from
But, we get a new iPad, problem solved
Civilization's going strong, fuck the starving ones
Because, uhm...
You don't know shit about us
We don't no shit about you
You're just not vivid enough -
An image on the news
Vanish when the TV is off
There's nothing real about you
You see, the meaning is lost
And we're just animals
You don't know shit about us
We don't no shit about you
You're just not vivid enough
You're just image on the news channel
It isn't enough to get us interested
Fuck the hero
Let us suck on the villain's chest

[Verse 2]
'Till he spit some money on me
Give me a check
Corporation you are growing on me
Give me a raise
And I will work for your praise
'Till the end of my days
My workspace is a horror story
Cubicle maze
This environment is wrong for me
I'm in a haze of a paperwork
And a part of me, thinks I'm a slave
And it feels I'm restrained in invisible chains
This mundane office harmony's
Killing my brain, like:
La la la lalalalala la la x4