[Verse 1]
Keep your guns, keep your cuffs, keep your laws off me
It's enough, all of your thoughts are just lost on me
So keep your monkey suits, keep your monkey paws off me
They try to keep me in the dark, it just dawned on me
Tell your queens, tell your kings, keep their pawns off me
They try to waltz on my scene, blame their faults on me
But I'm a shark, sardines, keep those jaws off me
My inner McNulty's trying to breathe, you're throwing Rawls on me (Oh)
The world's a sewer, keep your shit off me
But what to do, when my heroes fucking spit on me
Everybody is a Yoda, they just piss me off
They think they're wise, all they fucking do is sit on me
Keep the God, King, Pope, keep the state off me
And before you take me on, what's your take on me?
You think I'm a beast? Keep the wooden stakes off me
I'm not the devil, man, I'm goddamn lovely
Stop bugging me

Off and on (multiple times)

[Verse 2]
Off and on, and on and off
You've got rhymes coming my way, you better call them off
Or you'll find out my words aren't horribly soft
Hitting your chest, asbestos, you're going to cough
And do you motherfucking realize what it's going to cost?
You're getting lost in the words I'm getting across
And I know, losing one's mind is a hell of a lose
At least your thoughts will be lighter when you're bearing the cross
Me and the mic's like Calvin and Hobbes
You better shut your ugly mugs and allow me to talk
From the top of my lungs, speaking loudly enough
Holding my balls while I'm at it, speaking proudly and blunt
'Cause all you, cowardly fucks and you powerless cunts
I want to season you in salt and devour you fucks
You've got like a 24 hours, then I Bauer you up
The best flow you've heard this minute, year, or a month
Off and on (multiple times)