Not Like Hov
[Verse 1]
I'm not like hov
I've never been hustling big
I'm not the bossman, I know that I'm not running this ship
I'm just a small fish who is having its fun in the sea
Black Adder of rap, ain't no one is cunning as me
Go run and see got knights that are gunning at me
In addition the dictionary people coming for me
Breaking the language, as sweet as a geeky woman could be
The flow's magic, don't panic though
Houdini's got nothing on me
Nine bars and I am having my fun
Don't want to bragging my son, but I'm smarter than them
If you're listening, wondering where this banter is from
I'm from Poland, motherfucker, call it land of the strong
Do a lightbulb joke, I'll shove it up in your ass
And you'll be asking
How the fuck this Pollack done it so fast
Slick like the Genie, fly like a Alladin's rug
A barbarian coming through
All you palladins duck
All out of luck, 'cause I don't plan to give up
Until I'm gold-pantie-rich, call me Kylie Minouge
But for now, I'm just some regular paranoid bloke
Doing voice-crimes, they should have my larynx revoked
[Verse 2]
Yes, I know I was bragging again
It's in the essence of hiphop, so it's hardly a sin
Just so you know: if you're think about harming me, friend
I'll form my motherfucking syllables to armies and win
Everybody's screwing each other, like the monogamy's dead
I saw my nemesis and said: Dude, aren't we friends?
Fuck ya'll too, I'm not saying sorry again
Your lives fueled with fake smiles, bunch of Barbies and Kens
Alright, so I exaggerated a bit
But all you haters should be smacked, feel the pain in your lip
To any folks out there, who may hate me to bits
You goota know the doctor said I'm crazy as shit
I'm gonna brainstorm now, it should be raining a bit
So you better keep yor cats at home, lady I am sick
I'm infected with drums, hear the snare and the kick
You can't learn rhythm, dummy, you inherit the shit (Rrrrah)
Hear the kick and the snare
And all other percussions that's are filling different layers
Listen to kicking and clicking and throw your fists in the air
The revolution's coming and we'll be there in the bit
I'm word twisting 'Till it hurts to listen
I curse when I'm spitting, fucking sharing my wit
Matter of fact, gimmie the throne, the rest I'll have:
Some nice tunes , gin&tonic and an the xbox pad
The beat drops
[Verse 3]
Bitchslap him again. You all thought
The kid's gone, the kid is rapping again
Rap considered to be Gone, now it's Back with the Wind
That he produces with his lips, when he actually spits
He's such a kid, he's got pedophiles kiddnaping him
In a previous life he might've been Eminem
Before his soul died when Ritalin kicked in
And destroyed the legendary Shady villain in him (Rrrrah)
FV, watch him killing the men
Responsible for hip-hops's overfilling with trends
You motherfuckers raped the muses, now you're stealing from them
If you don't like him then, suck all the vanilla from him
And nobody's ever interfering with him
You better start the fucking cheering, when you're nearing on him
And be giving him six beers, better do it quickly
Because the third-person talking is fatiguing to him