Stay Schemin’
[Intro: Rick Ross]
R.I.P. to all the real n***as worldwide!
Salute! Real shit…

[Hook: Rick Ross]
I ride for my n***as, dawg
I ride for my n***as
I slide for my n***as, dawg
I ride for my n***as
Stay schemin', n***as tryna get at me, dawg

[Verse 1: Cashtastic]
I ride for my n***as dawg
Look, life as the midget
But fuck it, I'm still gonna live it
Now I'm counting figures but them figures aren't exquisite
I'm tryna work that out though, survival of the fittest
I used to roll with Skully, giving pictures, selling tickets
Now I'm selling tickets, performing and taking pictures
These pussy n***as hating 'cause now I'm living different
Couldn't get a bringing when there was no food up in my kitchen
Further I go, the more I make, black cab living
Me and Bangles in that E-Class, #Winning
Cash, I'm all about my cash, in other words son, I'm all about I, opticians
Tryna stay focused but they're tempting me
And Lord knows I've got a whole load of revenge in me
Broad day, my n***a Skully gave that skeng to me
So I'm pissed now he's in the penitentiary (Free him)
I feel like this was meant for me
Making proper music, now they wanna send for me
Gun tunes ain't gonna pay the rent for me
(Gun tunes ain't gonna pay the rent for me)
So miss me with them diss track kids
I'm doing me and I will not be distracted
Think bigger than the hood and do not be trapped in
Big up all the rappers in this U.K. rap ting
One thing about me fam is that I could never be a hater
I'm motivated when I see another making paper
I'm happy for you if you worked hard and achieved it
The fakes will say I'm lying but them real ones will believe it
'Cause they see it, Cash
[Hook: Rick Ross]

[Verse 2: Yungen]
Man it bothers me when these n***as start acting like they the bitches
Bothers me when they broke, can't stop talking like they the richest
Bothers me every track, every kid's pulling they triggers
Tell me how they've got bodies with no figures
No management and no deal, still getting booked
'Cause I ain't getting shelved, I ain't getting overlooked
Really in the hood, they don't know how much it took
When you surrounded by some hustlers and crooks
Still mizzy fizzy, they say I'm a fake Drizzy
I wonder if I was fat, would they call me a fake Ricky?
Second, this Guiness tape sticky
(Second, this Guiness tape sticky)
Are they really tryna compare me man? [?] fear me
I ain't reached my peak nearly
They already moving weary
I know they see me clearly
I know them n***as can hear me
If they doubt the kid really
I'ma show them what I'm really about
With no dad, going soft is not in my vocab
We only getting that red paper, my wallet looks like a notepad
Punches, no Jazz
We've come a long way from coke slabs
Lift off, should I carry on putting new grands in old bags?
'Cause Bar's home, Stiff's home, Scrap's home, Grips' home
Zero pin on a chick's phone
We was tryna move bricks off a brick phone
But tryna dodge them cells
Word to my blood, that place is hell
Tryna get the drop on me so I fell
I don't even drop my shit for my girl
Come on Cash, get well 'cause he's sick
And we drinking to future hits
Go hard, we still in the bits
Risk for the glass so we tinted the whips
How could I lose it on a weekend on some crew tip?
Dropped my old chick for my new chick
'Cause my new chick's got a blue tick
[Hook: Rick Ross]