Paranormal Activity (Remix)
[Hook: Krept]
I think I'm a nutter
I think I'm a nutter
Everybody's got a dark-side my bruddah
Paranormal part 2, brucka
Paranormal part 2, brucka
Paranormal part 2, brucka
Everybody's got a dark-side my bruddah
Paranormal part 2, Brucka

[Verse 1: Cashtastic]
I think my mummy had me up in Maudsley
I was moving mad when other kids were moving naughty
Tried to run away one day but they caught me
Blame my mum it must have been the crazy baby clothes she bought me
Looking in the mirror I see two of me
Blink twice then I see a whole crew of me
We are not the same n***a, I am one insane n***a
You've got girl problems I got problems with my brain n***a

[Verse 2: Dubz]
Call me Damian Dubz
Dance in the fire, don't rave in the clubs
Big axe'll push your cranium up
You'll be in the dirt, pushing geraniums up
Dark spirits I'm raising 'em up
Dark spirits go straight in my cup
They wanna take me apart
But the only way to is a stake in the heart
[Verse 3: Johnny Gunz]
I've got a dark side too
Crazy plus insane, sick without flu
Play around with magic dawg like Harry Potter do
I'm crazy about guns, that's why the name's Gunz too
I'm schizo, mad a bit, running out of screws
Lost my marbles, way way back, 02
I take man's soul out, not for his shoe
I'm a nutter, straight jacket, padded rooms

[Verse 4: Yungen]
I think I lost my marbles for fuck sake
It's love hate, clutch 8's, you man are cup cakes
Find daffy, tie his beak with some duck tape
Then leave him in a ball bag, I'm a nut-case
I'm a psycho serious n***a
You're just a pussy, period n***a
Deals, talk to me a serious figure
For now I'm corning for the flake I'm a serial killer

[Hook: Krept]

[Verse 5: DVS]
I heard they think they're bad now, bad for who
Them batty boys ain't bad for me, them man are bad for you
Brick city don't play around are you crazy
Over here we do our ting, them man are babies
Money on my mind, no space for a n***a
I don't even listen when they rate me on twitter
Some ill dark guys, dark rides on a dark night
Real sparks fly, they don't wonna see the dark side
[Verse 6: English Frank]
I had my first spliff before I had my first kiss
My first curse before my first gift, it was me the devil was verses
Before I was kicking ball, I was kicking man in the balls
In school before I learnt to use them, I was carrying tools
I was taking boys out of their shoes before I learnt to tie my shoe lace
They called me frowning frank before I learnt about a screw-face
I was selling gear before I learn't to out my car in gear
I saw bricks and clips before I saw tits and clits Yeah

[Verse 7: Benny Banks]
I told them watch me I'm crazy, I won't let nobody faze me
I really want a Mercedes, and what I want I'mma take it
It's like we're living on basics, there ain't no way to escape it
I've got a dream that I'm chasing, you best believe that I'll make it
Call me the greatest, my momma think that I'm Dappy
She keep on asking for spaceships, I'm out here trying to get wages
I'm tired of feeling so wasted, time to start feeding my baby
I'm screaming fuck you then pay, fuck you if you doesn't pay me

[Verse 8: Ghetto]
I'm on the dark side like I'm Luke's dad
Obe Wan Kano-be didn't show me what this route had
I'm fascinated by the unknown, they're just shook of it
Don't be afraid of the ghost, look at it
N***a's fear what they don't understand
Scared of the unexplained, giving me the upper-hand
The spirits know me on a personal vibe
I see 'em clear when I'm spitting with the herbal inside
[Hook: Krept]

[Verse 9: Double S]
I am the father, that's why these bitches call me daddy
These n***as don't see me it's like I came through with the bally
I'm burying many, bring any Tom Dick & Harry
I've got Pacquio punchlines, I'm rated up in Manny
And all the girls won't to act wild when they see me
She's calling me Neutron, I'm rolling with the Jimmy
Coz I've got my suit on, just rolling through the city
You swag for a week, you remind me of Diddy

[Verse 10: Scorcher]
N***as think they're crazy, tough guys
Your mother can't afford to bury if your son dies
Money over bitches sunrise to sundown
Fucking with the Lizzie, gun rise, gun down, Sky said it
We're talking money over 'ere, you just Skype message
Trying to fuck with the Lizzie, you ain't right-headed
If he's paranormal, I let him float with the ghost
Lick him with this bottle and tell him that it's a toast

[Verse 11: Political Peak]
You on the dark side let's have fun
I don't give a fuck, and my excuse is that I'm young
I know I may seem big as an aged teen
But my bruddah, I ain't even 18
And I'm wavy, stop hating
Once I blaze green, I'm flyer that a day dream
And now I'm feeling like a nutter
You can have the fame, just leave me with the butter

[Verse 12: Konan]
Let me start off
Had to shed a tear for my Marge loss
Had me seeing red but I can't stop
I can get dark, like I ordered in a half oz
Loose thoughts in my mind, I ain't your X don't cross this line
Spent about £20 on these gloves and about 2 bags on these nine's
Loosing my mind cause the stress enormous, sell me food I don't mix with quarters
Told me he's got cheese and onions, I was like cool I'm ready sorted
Rude boy I ain't your girl gagging oral, she ate balls like she had her hand on a pool ball
Paranormal I've never been para, nah normal, now they want to see like a man with a snorkel
Tying to ball like I hang on a ball court, being broke's long, so I ran in and brought shorts
Wanna be bold till your mandem are all torched, para remix and we brang in the full force

[Hook: Krept]