Money and the power
Money and the power
I'll make your cap drip like you're coming out the shower
I'll let you duck and have you tryna' jump over the counter
Body in the flowers when I pull the suttim' out my trouser
And on the road I'm like the common cold
I have a prick coughing
You'll be like 'WOW' like Fix Dot'M
I'll turn your lights out when the sticks popping
Got a mean Dottie like Nick Cotton
Got your chicks watching cos my shit's flossing
My Cartier Girard this shit's tick tocking
I want cheese he wants beef
So he got corned call it a mixed topping
I move light and dark like I'm light skinned
I move light in a flash like a siren
I let 5 scream if you fucking with my team
You'll see Kone in the bag like a ice cream
In the front seat, one nine like I'm 19
Cos the haters want me in a box like RibeNA!
I'mma turn this whole place into a crime scene
Put your head in *................*
I can see through him like I'm looking through the glass
He's an actor so I put him in the cast
I put techs in your mouth thats my specialty
My gun (bukumm) like a referee
I ain't tryna know what the gov's on
When it's riding time I got the gloves on
Cash when I bang off the snub don
It will make your body move like a club song
Talking like you squeeze on pumps
Your gun don't beat like nuns
Cash clap sticks better know if I squeeze on dons
I'll make them hold teeth like gums
Mi nuh care where you come from
Country or London
If you got funds I'll run up, long jump
No sawn off, run up on him with the long pump
Ratatat KABOOM!
Leave him with one lung
I don't need to ask n***as know what my dons on
When he's in the whip with the stick and the TomTom
When you see the car start up, it's on son
I fill your smart car up with dumbdumbs
I don't just punchline rap
On road n***as know I let my gun climax
Hit em with the dot dot I make the cunt slide back
Burning with the Mac call it the sunshine strap
My aim be splendid
T I'll send it, like a text message but it won't be pending
Light your chest up like Mr T's pendant
Got the Dot round here no Eastenders
You n***as say you buy straps but your broke kids
My n***as got bread for them toasters
I can slug you in the eye, know this
Now you can part see, Moses
If it's really on, turn the mizzy on
The click's bananas I'm Diddy Kong
Might wig a don, two p might hit cops (what else?)
Rap a fed, Rick Ross
When it draws back, hit him in his drawback
When the slug hit him, kip him, Snorlax
Talk smack get clap inna ya own 'ouse
Rata! Let it slap now your blowowww
Them man seh they got metal like a junkyard
But they won't let shit out like a plunger
Talk hard now till I slug ya
I bet they will change like a puncher
Pussy motherfuckers think they oh so bad
But they pussy undercover, porno mags
Auto slap, I'm handing out sweets
Lick shots at random from round trees
They wanna spray me cah they want I drop but nuttin for that hayfever
Suttin' that will bun into my brain, shisha
Not A Squeezy man's a Squeezer