Nitty Scott
Iceys on Deck
[Verse 1: Joell Ortiz]
I'm on 116, I got icys on deck
Cuban link mean, real icy on the neck
Footwork clean so please watch your step
You filling up them jeans, ma, no disrespect
But get a load of me, I'm who I'm 'posed to be
I pull the doors down when I close the V
It's whatever tonight, but don't get close to me
No "I love yous", nah that a 0 for 3
You know
Yeah that's me with the hat low
Nothin' but them goonies round hair like a Afro
They all blast so don't scheme like a asshole
This Fidel on my neck, it cost a lot of Castro
Used to stay out late and have bangouts
You? You never came outside, you just waved out
I go all the way out, might be a broad day out
This ting never jam, get a tanboy, lay out

[Verse 2: Bodega Bamz]
I'm on 116, I got icys on deck
When the sun go down, fireworks on deck
Cuban link flooded, St. Laz on the neck
You filling up them jeans, ma, no disrespect
Mira mira
You know the Latin trap you hearing, feel like Holy Spirit
I might have moved out of the ghetto
But I'm always near it
Look in a mirror, your image should be your only competition
She stripping to get her children Tonkas
Hotter than lava
Saliva be spitting flames, pa
Don't call me chico
You know my name PA
You know I'm floating like the PR parade
I got my open toe sandals with my feet up today
I'm with Joell
Ortiz, Ortiz
Got Latinos saying
Por fin, por fin
116th street, iceys on deck
Up in cuchifrito with a hoochie talking sex
Still dealing that coka
Mami quitate la ropa
Always been the man before the man said him
Brooklyn to Spanish Harlem
El Barrio's king
[Verse 3: Nitty Scott]
I'm on 1-4-5th with the icys on deck
Cool for the summa but your wifey gon' sweat
Watermelon pedicure in a sundress
But I still check n***as like I'm Nike, all flex
And they be talkin' nada
Still ain't got no wins up in mi casa
Keep a lil dama, her nana color of guava
I do it for the saga, mi pana, now who mala?
Puño en la cada, we hotta and you thraga
Papa! it's Rucker Park on the weekend
Chocha beach, I'll prolly meet a freak in the deep end
Take her for some chicharron, they love me lo dicen
Papi at the dock, I heard my n***as is linked in
Matta fact, just fall back, it's killa season
Them boys out, got toys out for no reason
Mixed chick, n***as is sick, like is you Rican?
Ass on rice and beans, like is you eatin'?
Pull up to the spot with that Hector Lavoe blastin'
What happened? You ain't see Latins in Manhattan?
N***as know the name and I got the connect on it
Like you talkin' to la doña, put some respekt on it

I'm on 116, I got icys on deck