Nitty Scott
Yo J, take it from the top, 1, 2
My mic sounds nice, check one
My mic sounds nice, check two
My mic sounds nice, check three
Are you ready?

Ayo, this is Nitty Scott, MC
Comin' through with that feminiNITTY
Shout out to J. Period on the beat
Just get it

[Verse 1:]
Yo, yo
Oh, you thought this was a pretty girl rap?
Nah, I boom back like n***a holack
'Cause black, it's that mom and pop
This that Barber Shop
It's that mix of women, ship it [?] fuck the cops
My hip hop gon' make a hippie drop
Make the city bop 'til I reach the tippy top
New school grief with a old school swag
Bringin' old school back
Homie, your school's wack

[Verse 2:]
And this is not a drill
Bitch, I know you keep it real
With it lickety split it
I bend it like I'm better still
You ain't sick, you fake and ill
Got these rappers kickin' rocks
You know with the force of my muses and call it writer's block
Yeah, I'm the hood Dr. Seuss
I wander in my long dukes
Put it in my juice
[?] is not a bird like duck, duck, goose
Shorty stick a boose
Once I let my membrane's loose
[Verse 3:]
I'm droppin' word bombs
Read it well
Fingers dusty from the vinyl on the shelf
'Cause that drive thru music no good for my health (no way)
So come and get the food and be yourself
I could sit with the ladies
I could post with the boys (what?)
Beats I destroy, St. Croix to Illinois
I did it for the people, now the people all enjoy
'Cause sound without focus just motherfuckin' noise (tell 'em)

[Verse 4:]
Young bucks leaving marks like hickies
My shit is the jump off much like quickies (ayo, this the jump off right here, man!)
Jump off [?] while I'm spittin' my tricky
A freaky tongue so icky when its records all flicky
I'm the extraordinary ordinare
Kicksnares to squares
Yeah, we live from the stairs
Gimme a fine beat
And I cook a rhyme feast
I don't need a timesheet to walk 'em down 9th Street (uh-uh)
This is charity so you ain't gotta tax it
I'm a star to these types, like an asterisk
'Cause I slang with my 9-0 flame, boombox chain lookin' like a [?]
[Verse 5:]
Lames, my diddy bop go bang
I take what I aim
Then I claim what I gain
Boo, I run games on a gang
Whatchu know about pain, jigga, I eat flames?
I'm tellin' all you fellas, I ain't beat like a cappellas
So spare me all the Cinderellas and the umbrellas
Resume a Stella good spella, best sella
The papis say I'm bella and my life is a novela
Whatchu know about a pocket sized emcee?
Yes, emcee, not femcee
Better come correct when you address me
Punchline princess, God bless she
The new rap rookie 'bout to take home the cookie
You can hear me Nitty Scott, MC, bookin'
Leave them deceased when I speak my release
Police is the beautiful beast of the East

[Verse 6:]
My braggado delicious makin' bitches all suspicious
Pause, nutritious, my mind is all malicious
Your flow is repetitious
And my left hand vicious
Now these tracks like [?] (tramp), I call it Go Fishes
And this right here's about a Grammy, not a Emmy, ma
Female raps so bad, free Remy Ma
Yeah, I came to get more like Demi, ah
This is my time
'Cause I'm
Blessed like infinity
I bring this femininity
Up in your vicinity
How long can I go? Infinity
This is an ode to the women of divinity
Who came before me and spit it vividly
They came politically, critically and sincerely
Male dominated industry, willingly
So have a slice of this whole nice pie
Hip hop is I, U-N-I-T-Y
Yo, uh
Let it rock, J
Yo, this is for unity
Shout out to all my hip hop queens
Nitty Scott, MC
The Boombox Diaries, Volume 1
EP comin' very soon
Boombox family, go get that
Just the way I was raised
Get 'em J. Period
Femininity, yeah, uh
Femininity, yeah, uh