Nitty Scott
Mango Nectar
[Verse 1]
You hear that boombah sound, that conga that's call of the wild [Rah!]
They thank the flowers for their powers and flower the child
Mamis run up to shake it, she know that calling song
Hop in that Amazon, droppin it, what you poppin on?
Mango nectar on her neck and I'm back to my chant
Them dwellers jelly, shake my belly, I'm back to my dance
Smack it, smack it, make it clap in abundance
You need a compass for this boy, who the fuck is Columbus?
I'm wildin, yeah we on an island
Yeah we like a mixed lil panda, no designer
You could lose your hymen, tryna line it with the Mayans
I ain't talkin' money when I say I got them black diamonds


[Clap! Clap!]
[Clap! Clap!]

[Verse 2]
High up in a canopy, sweating like a fever
Something about the sun in the summer
It got us sunning you leeches
I got hyenas on leashes
It's anything for Selenas!
And now they moving on my style
Say they never trust a big bula with a smile
So you wanna be my papi chulo for a while
That's a lot of love
But Mami's locks longer than her now
Big cat, Mufasa?
Chica mala, que pasa?
[?] daddy like rasta
No llama, just are you [?]
In the gold, I'm in the glow
Sipping on little
They tripping on shit
Been the original, lived individual
Little indigenous digital bitch
[Clap! Clap!]
[Clap! Clap!]