Nitty Scott
Ain’t Going To Heaven When I Die
I tell more rhymes than the stars in the sky
I Ain't going heaven when I die
I tell more rhymes than the stars in the sky
I Ain't going heaven when I die

(R-Son the Voice of Reason)
Ain't his a me-damn shame these things mortals claim to do in my name
Half of those responsible aren't taking the blame
And the rest of y'all just wanna charge it to the game
How many innocents are targets of your aim
Get scarred and maimed and charred in the flames?
Things that you try to call bizarre and insane
Turns out to be just another part of the game

(Dolio the Sleuth)
When karma catches up and them boys finally shoot ya
Ain't no paradise in your future
San Pedro will play you like an A-hole
You ain't getting through the gate bro, Nah, case closed

You you being roosting on the pit
Skewered over flames slowly turning on a spit
Every lash of the whip is a gash getting ripped
Leave him bleeding on the asphalt gasping for wind
Death rides a horse, smoking' on a spliff in the apocalypse
Smack Earth Fire out a motherfucker talking shit
Got gangsters in back of me, Tek and Steele Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy

I can't cry now, I done dirt for years used to think my prayers fell on deaf ears
Big and Pac ain't here so I still don't know
Do heaven got a ghetto and will I go

Look at Mama's baby boys all grown up now
Through with childish ways, so I put the toys down
Left in death into a flight above the clouds
Spreading my wings and I ain't never coming down

Cause in the bank of good deeds my account ran low
I keep killing' motherfuckers every time I flow
If they try to take my gun, I'ma take 'em out
Putting' bodies on the floor is what I'm all about

I tell more rhymes than the stars in the sky
I Ain't going heaven when I die
I Ain't going heaven when I die

In the back drinking Jack shooting craps, spitting tacks
Preaching heavens on earth, moving forward in reverse
So much is cursed, the verse, the rep before the hearse the worst
Swallowing the shine, lines crossed by mankind getting lost in moonshine runs
Like huns with the guns that match the wheels
In the Valleys below the hills, readers in a world where time kills
Rhyme sublime and it ain't pantomime
I speak in words Cause I ain't a mime
Voice musical just like a wind chime
Gotta keep pressing on 'cause I'm running out of time
Rewind: I'm possible in life
Lord knows I had my fair share of stress and strife
I did what I had to do just to get by
Home it's not too late to go to heaven when I die

Praying for better expecting to do worse
Praying God forgive cause I'm expecting to do dirt
Redemption eventual but the poverty urgent
Not certain God exists but I'm certain of the punishment

Must've done some real funny shit in my last life
Gotta set it straight on the last night
Before I get my last strikes, cause the devil's in my ass like double a's in a flashlight

Ain't going to Heaven I'm going...
Because the devil knows I never lived my life so well
I know I done wrong, and I ain't got long
I'll be done living before I'm done with this song
My body is strong, but my soul is weak
The afterlife it ain't a matter of physique
I know where I'm gonna Go when I go, no love above I'll be down below
(Nitty Scot, MC)
Okay the devil came up, came up to Brooklyn, he was looking for a soul to steal
Found me alive and then he gave me a ride and then he offer me the wicked deal
So I shivered a tad I said I'm sorry to Dad I know he's upstairs looking type sad
But I had to respond to that wanted ad and now a good girl gotta go bad

(Al Camino)
I'm dressed in all black like a hypochondriac, my rhymes are sick and it's the South, where you at?
The South is where I'm at and I'm a man of many hats
I don't give a fuck, rocking old school tats laid back played back at the flat Gangstagrass on blast
Ask anybody, they'll reveal about my past
Giving it hell, I'm fantastic
Rap around the microphone bitch I'm going drastic

Praise God and pray hard the paster takes me
Fatherless father and the bastard raised me
The devil comes hard and the master baits me
All I wanted was a fam like the cast of Bradys

What more can a ghetto child ask for?
Distress has eight letters my life was the last four
Knocking out songs but the booth has a glass jaw
Still knocking on heaven's door!

(Soul Khan)
Yo, If you only good for something good for you to come
You ain't really good for nothing, look at what you become
Seeking for the key to the kingdom like the British type
The rulers got ... middle finger for your rule of thumb
One shot like the gun got nothing but a round up in the chamber
Learn how to take it easy as the hours of a banker
How to live with anger, and how to lift an anchor and move on

(5 One)
They call him 5 One
Hitman with the pen and the pad, down to get the job done
Rocking with the double G's, wild fun
Lyrical homicide, never had a trial won
Bang bang!Grind like I'm in the chain gang
Quick to clap a swag rapper what a damn shame
FedEx'ing all these bodies to the sky
No way I go to heaven when I die , Ha!