Nitty Scott
Partners in Rhyme
[Produced by Ricky Dubs]

[Verse 1: Add-2]
We two step up on the scene
Smoother than nights and twice as cold
I'm mean on the mic, they say that I'm nice, I'm like "I know"
I know these fellas, they be hella jealous and they couldn't see us
Like they Helen Keller and they heads are spinnin'
Like they twin propellers man what could they sell us?
I ain't buyin' it, swim with the fishes or fryin' it
You tryin' it, you feel it, you dig it, you mine it
We [cut it?] d-did you time it? Shiiit
Living outside of the land where these n***as is livin' so hopeless
Came from the bottom, the top comin' down like a whip when it's roofless
Killin' for paper, you needed some news since
My flow is so dope, I'm thinkin' that maybe I killed Whitney Houston
A lady said, "Boy, I heard you wanted for murder"
Well say it ain't so, I'm sayin' it so they won't say a word
They wouldn't believe it, nah, they wouldn't believe it
I'm killin 'em, leaving 'em breathin', ma just give me a reason
You see the design, feel like a pinch like the way I be givin' 'em lines
Bonnie and Clyde, glide like Clyde, man, we partners in rhyme

[Verse 2: Nitty Scott]
Remember back in the day the only signs we had was pickets
I learned that shit from 3k, all the shit he say the sickest
I'm just floatin' on this nimbus freakin' like niblits of my riches
Like motherfuck a gimmick, yea, you might could get a snippet
I brought flowers to a fist fight, get an invite, let me ignite
The finest vegetation that you'll ever get to blow
And if I was a care bear I'd probly have a little
Weed leaf on my tummy cause a stoner mommy know
How to crush it down and roll it up and hit it like a G
She been slingin' 'ot and breakin' hearts since 1993
And if she right about you, you gon' live forever bae
Cause shorty turn a tragedy into a melody
Oh, you a flower child? I'm a flower child too
Mild in my style, like to keep the wild too
I'm like sex and serotonin, homies zonin' on my omen
And peace to my chilluminati hotties they be knowin'
I'm out