Nitty Scott
The Unlearning
To whom it is concerning
This is the unlearning
Here to free my psyche at the world and I'm determined
Motherfuckers sermon [?]
Now my wheels is turning
Guess it's how it feels when you become a thinking person
To whom it is concerning
This is the unlearning
Everything you taught me to believe in I'm deserting
Truth is I am yearning
Urgency is burning
Pulling back the curtain and I'm searching for a certain

[Verse 1]
Okay, a wise man once said nothing (ha)
So you can't tell me nothin'
See I know that I've been puffin'
But I think they've been bluffin'
Like they know a lil' somethin' but they frontin'
The moment when I realise
That the truth is all real lies
A bunch of flawed responses to the real wise
(?) damaged by the programming
Looking for the food we in a soul famine
But I got more than five senses
Natural defences, seven chakras through the lenses
Since the cradle, they enabled all the labelling
Doctrine with no options
I awake to an awakening
Knowledge is power but ignorance is bliss
Am I miserable with facts or just a happy idiot?
Life is painless when you brainless
Aimless when you shameless
So much unconditioning to do
I gotta sing this

[Verse 2]
Now do you know about the tool?
Visual repetition?
Powered on faithfully, your living room religion
Or what about the slavery they stitched into your breeches
Blood diamonds in your riches when they glisten
Politicians feeding us articulate nonsense
News commentators cropping the content
Drag it through the mud, tell you that it's pure
And they keep my people sick cause ain't no money in the cure
If the world was mine, I would teach em something new
Like, black is beautiful and you can do it too
And you ain't gotta stand there like you ain't feel the pain
You ain't gotta pretend that you don't feel the change
And your silence much louder than the violence
So don't wait until I die to give me violets
Uh, and keep that virus out your iris
Watching with your ears, listen with your eyelids
Fuck this cheddar and wealth
I gotta better my health
Cause I can't better the world
Before I better myself
Birthmark, making my earthmark
Spiritual rebirth when the verse start
And when I feel it is time to enlighten my mind
I sit back and close my eyes and imagine myself as I'd like to be
I envision myself sitting in the dirt
My body anchored, much like my birth
These roots are the essence that will connect me to the mother earth
The Unlearning..