Nitty Scott
Monster Freestyle
Stop it! Stop it!
Nitty just stop it!
Everybody know you a mothafuckin' Monster
Everybody know she a damn impostor
Everybody know, everybody Go!

[Verse 1]
I'm a lady rapper complex like origami
And honestly got more to talk about than my poonani, mommy
I dislike these vaginas with mic's
Caught sight, they bobbin they heads like "It's alright."
I put a noose to that mothergoose you mass produce
You ain't Zeus you just tipsy off that industry juice
This is lies versus truth and I ain't callin' a truce
So put your fingers to your lips while the lab is in use
Perfectly packaged, flashier fashion
Never took the time to mind the lives your rappers impacting
Naw! You just attracting dollars pretty in pink
Leaving me to put the passion to this paper and ink
Listen rook read a book it's a much better look
I terminate the talent books and list the industry crooks
Of this game, such a shame how you rhyme without a cause
Partying in cars superficial super stars
I'd rather have the college kids studying my bars
Reflecting and connecting with these ghetto battle scars
And I ain't disrespecting just protecting what is ours
Like a new vaccine they injected in they arms
I go proactive on these Hip-Hop pimples
"Money over everything?"; you creatures are simple
I keep the company that run as deep as my dimples
Flow so irregular now watch how it ripple
It's critical, you deserve an Oscar not a Grammy
I make music that a Thug could bump in front of his Granny
My mind is uncanny I ain't playing the ass card
Cause I'm a dictionary and you more like a flash card
I see you and your team always backing your trash hard
But I can get it poppin in the suite or the back yard
You got swag, I got soul
I told Jules I'm goin in and doing damage control
All these models going rapper and these rappers got dance moves
But life is real over here and I ain't in a dance mood
I was never to concerned with the fame
I show more interest in the people I can save
And you ain't resurrect shit you just diggin up the grave
I'm slavin' in the kitchen while you pop it in the microwave
Cause only certain women servin lyrical hot plates
I'll be the first to tell you criticism is not hate
Educate the listener plan to help you see
Feed em what they need not that ignorance you breed
Classy is my creed and spittin is my knack
Made in 1990 but I bring the 90's back
Nitty Scott is back, say no to kiddy flows
They don't listen they just love the glisten in your videos
So I am just what happens when the glitz and glitter goes
A rose in the Concrete Jungle that still grows
This is a dedication as far as abominations go
Straight devastating every station on the radio
UH! I do this for the Cold Crush brothers
Afrika Bambaataa and Biz Markie
Grand Master Flash and Run DMC
Public Enemy, Melly Mel, and Ice-T
Now if someone gave you a mic to speak to the masses
Would you talk about fat asses and Louis V glasses?
Or would you talk about all these people that's passin
Political assassin's and prisons we gassin'
N***as who load clips, hustlers who move bricks
Babies with no kicks and women who get pimped
Hustles with hard livin, stories of thanksgiving
My story is all writen but glory was not given
These sucka MC's have no use to me
So stop spittin like you sittin 'in a booster seat
Stop it! Stop it!
Nitty just stop it!
Everybody you a mothafuckin' monster
Everybody know she a damn impostor
Everybody know, everybody Go!