Nitty Scott
Down With The King 2011 (Mick Boogie Remix)
You know I'm down with the king
The king

[Verse 1]
I a king in a pair of jeans
Brooklyn born so I'm always close to queens
I'm close to fans, you just close to means
Internet rap nuckers ? is he
Hold your dreams, and hold your horses
I'mma bodied the beat and close the caucus
I'm ? sworn, and close to honors
My protes go on until I'm Nostradamus
It's simple, yet invective,I don't want to next
I'm invested, cells talent infested
Not a day pass I forget what I blessed with
Say no more of me than whoever they've slept with
F for shallow flow, I got a death wish
One of the best since Shey dropped breakfast
This is all I know, and all I owe
Never less than a four mic flow


[Verse 2]
I'm down with the King of the cut, and what?
Adidas on my feet, I never rock And 1
That's word to Run DMC me emceeing
Catch me on TV route touring European
Blank out the canvas, then crank out a classic
Black out with rapping, the packed house is clapping
Thanks for the support, you can find me in the air port ?
Backpacker ain't a dirty word no ?
I prefer 'em north faced to pack my big words
As long as jams work, I'mma keep keep making 'em
Chop up the samples I'mma put a put a pace to 'em
Scroll on you ho's like bar tend
Drag bar ? if I got no pen, yo
Where the words at?
Love letters to the letters
It's Don Doug nobody does it better than

[Verse 3]
So hot, in winter time I could enjoy summer
Trying to be the white chocolate boy wonder
If Stevie could see me, it's la-di-da
Cause it's three like the stripes on the ad-di-das
Laid back in a Maybach, breeze in a jet
Yeah it's crossed my mind like a sleeve when I sweat
Man, even Eli agrees I'm the best
With a shield on the mic, MP's on the desk
Here the wheeze from the breathe
Catch Z's when I rest
Spend cheese from the checks
When it's G's that's the best
Emcee in the flesh
When I'm spinning CD's in the decks
Technology has spoiled me
While I'm thinking about the punk motherfuckers with no loyalty
6th Sense, Tonya Morgan pretty Nitty of course we're royalty


[Verse 4]
Ok, All Day I Dream About Sneakers
Dream about bumping out your speakers under bleachers
Raw hip-hop yeah we do it in the park
Got the ones and the twos like they did it on the arc
Easy to kill it when they singing along
But yo, can you move the crowd when the crowd don't know your song?
It's an emcee habit, emcee's have it
My mics to nice, to let have a femcee grab it
Now, who's saying girls can't rap I got that new boom bap
You know the tunes on tap
Flowing in my zone, so they be throwing stones
But I just recollect them, and I build me up a throne
Cause I'm down with the king and I'm down with the prodigals
Can't won't stop, till the back drop drop it go
How we got McBoogie on the chronicles?
Make the impossible I M possible