Nitty Scott
Any Means Necessary
[Nitty scott]:
Yo, they can't avoid me like the hip-hop cops
Nitty Scott be in the hip spot with a hip-hop box
Slangin' in my sneakers while I'm bangin' in ya speakers
And I only need 16 to make you a believer
Get props on my nouns, non-stop for the crown
Spit that shit that'll make you wanna put ya mic down
You know the honoree keep the party pumpin' like an artery
Pardon me but ya flow be kinda watery
1, 2, what you gonna do?
When I adjust the mic stand to 5'2"
Eat ya little lines in ya rhyme book too
Play it in rewind to remind you who
Probably form a quote off of something that I wrote
I'm just flowin' and you hopin' you can keep the boat afloat
I don't call 'em rappers, I call 'em appetizin'
Graffiti on the track, verbal vandalizin'
And this reality rap, no fantasizin'
I bring reality back and maximize it
So tell a friend to tell a chick to tell a goon
Boombox family, we be in ya city soon

They say that life is a movie, so I broke in the theater
Took my demo and plugged it into both of the speakers
Spiked the Coke machine and pointed a strobe at the bleachers
Chokehold? I want this game in a coma, stroke and a seizer
That's why I'm either in a cypher spittin'
Or I'm kidnappin' a label head until they give my demo tape a listen
While you sit in a bath with a bag of lavender
I be ravishing with the rats and a pack of scavengers
Subway courtesy when I rap for ya
Cause I make the fans get out of their seats like an elderly passenger
My city can tell, me and Nitty prevail
I roll a philly and I'm spittin' crack - Liberty Bell
Ya record is so tough? Honestly so what?
You could wait ya whole life before anything shows up
You could rock a yamaka with Hanukkah pajamas
While servin' a matzah dish in the Gaza Strip and you wouldn't blow up