I Keep Tellin’ Myself
[Young Jeezy]
And Lord knows I, try, to do the right thing
With a chrome in the front woulda done the same thing
Got my strap c*cked back, adrenaline rush
And when the dope fly over mothaf**kas got bust
To lose everything to 'caine
Turn a hundred to a mil, done it all with 'caine
Turn a hustle to a label done it all with brains
And I told em all down, done it all with change
Look him dead in his eyes told him n***a let's get it
And the homie in the mirror said, 'n***a I'm wit it'
You want it done right, you gotta do it yourself
That's what I keep tellin' myself
(I keep tellin' myself)

[Chorus 2X: Bloodraw]
I'ma keep it real til my very last breath
That's what I keep tellin' myself
(I keep tellin' myself)
That's why I stay on my grind cause it's all about the wealth
That's what I keep tellin' myself
(I keep tellin' myself)

I'm tryna do it right, I ain't tryna go to jail
I'm on my knees every night, I ain't tryna go to hell
Tryna live life, I ain't ready to die
I got a son who needs me, and I ain't tryna leave
Got a clique then n***as love me, wanna see me win
Got my family over here, ain't got no friends
Me and Slick in the streets, we was waitin' for a rap
Sat down with Young Jizzle, got me out the trap
Hold my finger to the sky, it's the motto we follow
See we live for today and we pray for tomorrow
Cryin' so hard and I hope for the best
Patience is a virtue, that's what I keep tellin' myself
[Chorus 2X]
[Slick Pulla]
Look past the cameras beyond the glory
A new legacy (uh-huh), this is our story
I walk with my head high, chest pokin' out
Live for the moment, f**k bein' stressed out
But every corner you turn, the snakes is watchin'
I drive right by and play the lane like stoppin'
Chill, this the wrong tree you're barkin' up
Got my K and my bible, I stay prayed up
No pity for you, I'm good with him
So no matter how it is, I'm good with him
Cause ain't no rules when you playin' for wealth
That's what you better tell yourself
(That's what I tell myself)

[Chorus 3X]