Kooley High
One Time
[Intro: Tab-One]
Kooley High. 9th Wondera. What's the deal brah?

One time for your mind, one time
One time for your mind, one time
One time for your mind, one time
It's so fresh, it's so fly
(One time!)

[Verse One: Tab-One]
One time for your mind, yes y'all it's the T.A
B. to the One, run son and tell the DJ
Put that K. double O. L. High on replay
Unlike airlines, we fly with no delay
Non stop hip hop, can't cop on Ebay
So ready or not, yo you can't knock what we play
We make it rain when we run together
So you can come stand under my umbrella
I am here At Last like a song from Etta
Had to take my time, get my shit together
So y'all can stop buggin' me like Citronella
Got my Salt and my Pepa like Spinderella
Now my flavor's just right like grits with cheddar
It's that down south sweet tea, truth ya never
Ever heard, that's my word like groups of lettuce
K. High till I die and flow forever
[Hook: Tab-One] {x2}
If you want the fresh, fly, look to the sky
Just make the call (Oooh Ooooh!)
Kooley High
We'll be right there with the beats and the rhymes
One time for your mind
(One time!)

[Verse Two: Rapsody]
One time for the Fugees, respect that smalls
Kept 'em over the limit, drunk and I can do bars
Advanced placement, my entertainment company will call
Like 9th, 'Tay, Kooley jam will represent all
My Carolina folk family in the dark Ray Charles
Spittin' until you aching, beyond Christopher Paul's
More than anniversaries and birthdays I fall in line
Some scribe to get to the bottom of it, one time
Megazine, zine, I write on the weekly I mean
I mean any poligy, often marry the ring
In live direct, yo I love this rappin' to death
Hugh Hef', I don't play boy, word to that n***a Leroy
Six months suppose to be girls [?]
I keep [?], seesaw, jigsaw puzzle
How she make another heater?
That B-Girl good
Couldn't deny me one time like Peter could

[Verse Three: Charlie Smarts]
Oh no, not again, it's another verse, hate me
But wait a second man, I'm chillin' with the first lady
They said you need more than a purse to persuade me
So the beat's she straight jackin' and in a word 'crazy'
That's why we doing stuff that you don't
Feelin' so Semetic, I'm tryin' to get to Judo
So you know I had to kick it, put my feets on a feature
I'm seeing sucrose, it don't get no sweeter
Bitch your necks got the nectar
Lex got a lecture
Feelin' what I'm sayin', when my texts got the texture
It ain't quite polyester and I ain't got a wrinkle yet
Acting like a printer, grab my pad then the ink and jet
Doo-doo doo-doo-doo
Get your fax/facts straight, I'm that great
Separate the cheese with my family
Stack it face to face till it act gay
Just saying I'm happy boy
When I get up on the tracks they going
My shit is fresh

(Ooooh Ooooh!)
(One Time!)
(Ooooh Ooooh!)
(One Time!)
[Phonte talking]
Yo. New Tiggalo, new Tiggalo, new Tiggalo

[Verse Four: Phonte]
Rap ditty with the rapper 'Tay
Pull up a chair lets rap a taste
Get real intimate with my Texas Instrument
Flow that y'all hoes can't calculate
So fuck what you thought, I apply brute force
Like old school n***as rockin' Fabergé
These hoes aggravate, me till my words coagulate
Not for the accolades, I do it to remind these n***as
Stay in your place like you been held back a grade
And spit the truth from your own heart
Cause we them '88 babies like Tone Stark
They screamin' "Kill him" but yet I still swim by myself
In a sea full of piranhas, a lone shark
Stroking against the current and at alarming rate
Like a theft deterrent
Want respect then earn it
The spice of life in one line
A lil' salt, a lil' pepper, some sage and one thyme/time

[Phonte talking]
Yeah, let that boy cook. Let that boy cook! I swag, I chop I chef! Let that boy cook!