Kevin Ross
Be Great (Remix)
[Intro: Kevin Ross]
Do you know what it takes, do you know what it takes to be great?
Do you know what it takes, do you know what it takes to be great? Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Kevin Ross]
I put 9,999 hours in
Still with the same ones who I first started with
Took me a little time, now I know better
They been tryna change me, I won't let 'em
Great is when you put 10 thousand hours in it
Great is when you're never satisfied with it
Great is when you know that you gon' lose friends
But that's just you cutting off the loose ends
Great is when you're moving like you're independent signed
To the town but you know that I been on a mission
Did a whole lot of politicking last year
If they haven't got it yet, then I guess they was never meant to get it

[Chorus: Kevin Ross]
Be great
Oh, do you, do you, do you really wanna be great?
Yeah, do you really wanna be great?
I wanna know, oh, ooh
Do you wanna be, do you really wanna be great?
Oh yeah, oh
[Verse 2: BJ The Chicago Kid]
Yeah, I done flew 2,900.14 miles from the shot of LA
Sometimes I don't sleep, forget to eat
Yeah, I do it damn near every day
'Cause I'm working so hard, gotta be systematic
Automatic, don't you gotta have it, if you, now
Greatest is lessons that's taught by the losses and told by the Bosses the boss is the teacher if they can reach ya before churches and coffins
But before churches and coffins, they expectations is for us to teach often
Ooh, my people are praying, hear what I'm saying, do it today

[Chorus: BJ The Chicago Kid & Kevin Ross]
Be great, yeah, ooh
I can do it, you can do it, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Yeah, I just got one question
Do you wanna be great?
I just wanna know, I just wanna know
Do you wanna be, yes, I wanna be great
Do you wanna be, be, great?

[Outro: Kevin Ross]
A moment of silence
When the guns come out, the phones come out
They fire away, damn another youth die today
They won't stop until we finished here
But they never kill someone 'til they kill your kid
Meanwhile, Trump busy tryna build the fence
Our best defence is goin' out to vote against it
Stop when I'm out of oxygen, don't box us in
The message is, goddammit, we was built to win, now be great