Kevin Ross
Toast 2 Life
[Verse 1:Phil Ade]
This is my escape Harold and Kumar
They say I'm down to Earth, I'm tryna do Mars
I get all defensive, Joe Dumars
They don't get the catch like I threw it to far
I threw it to Mom and dropped the bomb
But my side got eight (ate) like an octagon
She said I'm wrong and belong on punishment
Cause my dream on some magazine cover shit
That other shit the safe route, But now I'm makin stuff like I stuff a bank safe out
Acne I had to break out, cause Dad got beef and Mom on a steak-out
Find a place outside in the cut, where I could make crack like the line in ya butt
Yup, and my aim is the belt
Life has no remote, change it yourself

[Hook: Kevin Ross]
Beautiful girls, fancy rides
I go travel the world over the ocean (fly)
I work so hard it should be no surprise
Put your cup to the stars now let's toast to life

[Verse 2:Phil Ade]
On stage with greats in different states
Pay for thirty minutes what a summer jobs makes
Flow hot so I shot up in the ranks, I can burn a n***a CD and I don't mean blanks
So anxious to make a mill, it feel like every steps been a football field
I feel a day comin like me bout to be here, Where I can put a hater in hell like he need air
Air to the throne, the seed gone bread, my competition X'd, I put em on E
I put it on my seed I'm a give the game life
Young sharp gentleman I give a dame knife
Stand tall like the Eiffel at night go, up in a girl backspace call me a typo
I've had A, B, C's, D's, and E's, but I'm a pass life cause I'm an F'n G
[Hook: Kevin Ross]

[Verse 3: Phil Ade]
I work hard, so life can be ea-sy, take it to the MACS, fuck a PC
Rep Moco, live in PG, but do more shows, out in DC
MD I rep without parliament, always gettin gassed, lactose intolerant
And this just the start of it, I'm reachin more feets then the ottomen
(I'm gone, Phil)

[Bridge: Kevin Ross]
So if you feel me and you grind a lot
We can shine tonight cause the future is bright
And when we all get where we plan to be
Our friends and family can raise a glass to the sky and toast to...

[Hook: Kevin Ross]

[Outro: Kevin Ross]
All the beautiful girls, oh no