Make Those Move
[Verse 1: Metropolis]
It's full force when I step to the fore
Bringing you that fuel sourced fresh from the core
The flow penetrates to depths on the floor
Cutting sharp like I had the verse etched in a sword
It's our time, merking on set, we drop the live rhymes
A fine line, movement precise, connect the hive mind
I write mine, thick ink strokes, hue like iodine
The blueprint, these huge quotes that my mind designs

[Verse 2: Orifice Vulgatron]
Ungh, Beggars on a roll
I'mma stay gettin' so my pockets stay swole
Every day bangin' till my chest plate gold
Cause the riddim ain't done if the lyric ain't cold
I'mma keep reppin so you can live it up
Beggars keep on kickin' and pushin' so give it up
We ain’t tryna chill or nuttin' so pick it up
Get sick with it til I'm baggin' up a bigger cut

[Hook: Orifice Vulgatron & Metropolis]
We're coming in hard the taskforce
Systems blowing up fast on dance floors
We gotta make those move
We're gonna make those move
We coming up blasting that force
Giving phat crowds just what they ask for
We gotta make those move
We're gonna make those move
[Verse 3: Orifice Vulgatron]
Fam, I'm a get this done
I'm a keep slanging till the rest get bun
See me, I'mma do it on my one's
Yeah I'mma keep stacking dat gwop by the ton
Listen man, I'm in it to win it so we be living like
We only got a minute or so to really go
So anybody swinging to get in my position
Better recognise that we about to blow

[Verse 4: Metropolis]
We go deep when we're venting out the speech cuz
And got that heavy bass blowing out the speakers
Man are like "rah! How them breddars move sick"
Too slick, how we drop the new shit, we got them heaters
That's right, jetting on out, in a skyline
Breezing out fools like Theo, down the byline
It's high time, turn up the system and come we vibe like
Beggar fam rippin' it givin' breddars the hype hype


See that
It's like it came out of nowhere
Jumpin' out the shadows 'n' shit