[Verse 1: Skits Vicious, Jay Reaper & Dopey Rotten]
What, I don't give a fuck boy
Middle fingers up to you fuckboys
Onyx D.O.D yeah we MOB boy
D.O.P.E black rock boy
Drop boyz the illest in the ozone
No clone i be bad to the bone holmes
So stoned take a dab of the home grown
Phone home like an extraterrestrial
Out of this world bitch
Your rap shit's terrible
Talk the talk Walk the walk oh you never do
Chop your head off then i put it on a pedestal
Clean up the tools had a scheme but you never knew
You never knew and you never will know
Crack your window take that Nintendo
Ketamin flow five high five low
Oh psycho five-o die slow
I'm a piro maniac
Ready for the sneak attack
N***as know the Reaper back
Burning through your speaker set
We ain't getting weaker yet
Sudden death
100 MAD
They got us living in the last days
I don't give a fuck
Straight from the brain I'll be giving you the pain

[Verse 2: Fredro Starr]
(Sounds like the sounds of war)
What, We saying fuck all you bitch n***as
Guns up, we stickin all you rich n***as
Onyx D.O.D take your bitch n***as
When you see us coming better dig a ditch n***as
We put em six feet deep underground yo
(I'm going in for the kill hold me down Dro)
Ey yo i got it Stick I'ma hold it down bro
I kill em all till you won't hear a sound yo
We black mask it, n***as get blasted
Black suits, black hearse, black caskets
Black boots, bald head, black bastards
We tear the club up n***as yeah we crashed it

[Verse 3: Sticky Fingaz]
Fuck their live shows I've seen better raps on gyro's
I got that piro n***a my shit go viral
Let that five blow Dro only you and i know
Check your vitals suicide on arrival
Pull ya plug out the socket
Let this club get to poppin
Give a fuck who is watching
Push shove we drop em
I ain't wanna do it but i did it now it's done
And i'd do it all again cause it had to be done