Sometimes (All the Glory)
[Verse 1: Joe Ceezer]

Over the stars and moon
Time flew to soon
Wakin' up everyday at the crack a noon
I'm like ten hours late (2x)
I can't even stand to look up at the human race, and I try so hard just to keep my pace
But I just end up in the exact same maze
For the exact same cheese
I feel besieged
Dropped on my knees got me smokin' weeds
Yeah i'm smokin' weeds cuz of tha stress I got, and if you had mine you would smoke a lot
Everyday it feels like i'm headed for a ten foot drop, and I wonder if it'll put me six feet under or not
In a coffin spot

[Hook: Caleb]
You've got a take it one day at a time
SometimesYou've gotta live like it's do or die
You can't worry
No ya can't hurry
Ya not even halfway through this great journey
So sometimes
You've gotta wait (4x)
To get all the glory
[Verse 2: Caleb]
Glory, glory hallelujah
Goin' through the motions throwin' stones like medusa, and I can't even live cuz i'm worried 'bout my future
But fuck Carpe diem
I just gotta keep it moving'
Shit here I go
All my nightmares, and my dreams are right through that door
Will I make it or just break it
Shit, no one knows
Except that guy up in the sky, and he ain't let tin' me know
Damn there I go again
All this back and forth
I be so belligerent
All these drugs up in my system keep me mad intolerant, but they also numb the pain so what the problem is
What the problem is if I do a lil' blow?
What the problem is if I smoke a lil' dro?
Tell me what the problem is if I like to get high?
The problem ain't the drugs
It's the god