Mob (333)
Mic check one two (ha)
I’m bout to get on you hoes (ya)
I need some robitussin and shit
Where’s the weed?
Where’s the weed? (With a dirty bitch, all night)

Ya, sippin this sprite while I mix robitussin (sip)
Finger this bitch while I’m fucking her cousin (huh?)
She keep on suckin so I keep on bustin (suck)
Blow to his dome make a stack, I know nothin (Yah!)
I stay fucking but but bitch I ain’t cuffin (yah!)
Throwing up 3’s we the mob bitch we run it (ooh)
We be hittin licks so dude what’s the move?
I got some hittas that pop at your crew
I got a strap it go “doo doo doo doo!”
Ricochet, that bitch hit you, you and you!
Bitches, they love me I make that ass clap
Rappers, they hate me they say I can’t rap
You can run but you can’t hide I’m Bustin this cap
Making this money I’m putting in work
Rari I swerve now he tasting the dirt
Don’t be asking for features bitch you isn’t in it
She called me while fucking I said bitch one minute
She talking, I’m fucking, I don’t even listen
I’m making this cash and I’m throwing these bands
In the Raris and Lambs and the Mercedes Benz
I know your boy talkin, bitch hush up your mans
And if he keep talkin I’ll fuck up your mans
I’m blocking these haters, can’t see with these lens
I feel like I’m Melly, I killed all my friends
Roll down the window Benz (yah!)
Give a fuck boutta bitch
I stay hittin licks, (yah!)
R. Kelly when I piss (yah!)
On a motherfucking hoe, I can’t cuff a bitch (yah!)
I can’t be cuffing bitches, they just want attention
I get to spittin and she gon’ start drippin
She hop on my dick like a frog Ribbit Ribbit (yah!)
That pussy an outlet, my dick an extension (yah!)
I’m boolin on block and I flex with a tech (yah!)
I hit you with nine and I leave them the rest (yah!)
She pull up with drugs I said “bitch that’s a bet!” (Yah!)
We got red we got blue and that shits all on deck (yah!)
We shoot up these Shotties that hit on your body
You get no respect, I leave holes in your neck (heyy!)