Eff Da Bulls
Yo my name caleb , im doing crooks for crime like magic , im pulling money out my pocket like a hat trick , call me based god cause im super fuckin' swagg bitch , I dont give a fuck about hoods cause they faggots , no disrespect but tysons real savage , and I stay with a sack , call me warren sapp , my 7's and 11's stay dwight like magic , you n***as wack , mike juice you a habbit , dre pippen , I put the clip in , and put you in a casket d rose , all yo bitches booty holes stay clappin' . Its caleb the felon , bitch cause my mind stay aware , my n***as like activist freddy and jason is my 2 n***as in action

Im a insolence child , raw Ritalin and sushi couldn't hold me down , when I was young I would smile , now im a little older hat cocked and snap back is polo-er , Im fuckin' up ya system and im wishin' it was solar , yeah movin chips like its poker , movin' all this money , dippin' all these fuckin' bees like its fuckin' honey , they chasin' me and im chasin' this money , im runnin' from the stars , drivin' hella fast but I'm not in a car , alright

Sly Mental:
Ok , Its Sly Mental , rollin in a rental I rented from rent a center I been should of would of winner , I pray on chicks thats thicker than thick ,that like to suck dick , and dont say shit , im pullin' out the cannon cause im wildin' out mariah couldn't even carry the body right fuckin' now , she's bitchin' and I got that ho flitchin' from showin' her naked photo's of that faggot dre pippen , im steppin on cracks , breakin' mothers backs buyin' dildo's to fuck molasses in the ass crack , WOOAH , change the channel until they fucking handle the ones rockin' they god damn candles , for now , i'll be in my fuckin' sandals jackin' off to kim kardashians love handles

Rocky Sosa:
Ok Stfu , Cause you n***as try to copy , cocky cause I was raised by a fukin nazi , im king of this shit bitch call me papi , my lifes a rising mountain so you know its kinda rocky, rocky my flow hotter than a fuckin taki , my flow first place , you second like sloppy

Free that n***a bigkidd thooo , free lazay , fuck da bulls , ahaha , tyson , and kyle you still ugly as fuck