Kristoff Krane
Rock Stars Don’t Apologize
[Verse 1: AWOL One]
If I said that I was sorry then would you help me?
If I’m a sore loser or a dead end boozer
Sorry I lost my right to be wrong
There’s no skin left for brand new wounds
I’m breaking some habits that people don’t know about
I’m Sorry enough to take it and throw it out
Sorry that I stabbed you in the face twenty three and a half times
With a pencil and burned your mental
Well I could blame you sorry for the prototype
Forget face forget the hype
Get off your computer stop smoking so much weed
Do something creative give yourself a disease
Bleeding me dry it’s been done before
Sorry I gave the neighbors something to complain about
Your magnet it draws me closer
Sorry that I ever gave you any kinda doubt
I’m so sorry I play the game sorry
Well gather around and listen to our story
I’m so sorry that I think about it every day
In every single kinda way

[Verse 2: Kristoff Krane]
This ones for all the times I made you feel shitty
A direct impulse of my indulgence giddy
Sitting on top of something used to be pretty
Now I’m standing on the bottom stoned karma unclear
Should I stay busy or should lay dizzy
On the fun fear come here jump the train with me
We can run from the old me tug on the new one
Hold them up to one another and just learn how to move on
A wrong turn a tight birds nest made of strands
From my ancestors burdens built by my children’s hands
I’m a nurtured man who never reached my full potential
Trying to be a stem cell a sand in a cancer castle
Forgiveness is like trying to pull teeth
You pretend to be my friend or get revenge and bully me
Pull me off to the sideline remind of the time I aligned
Both my eyes with night sky in the twilight
A finite being in a distant place
Trying to kiss your face with my twist of fate
Now it’s all opened straightened out flattened and compressed
Panned dead center in your head treasure in my chest
[Verse 3: Eyedea]
I’ll trick you into sinning so that when God casts me down
To the jaws of hell you’ll be there with me to make me smile
I’m not selfish just because I use your frown
To my benefit some kings were just made without a crown
And your proud face isn't your best disguise
Drop the witty act and pray that pity gets on your side
And I, get so fucking high
That you actually look grounded even though you whole approach is sky
Close your eyes I’ll show you both my sides
One's totally fine the other close to dying
Blind 20/20, under-cooked, overdrive
I’ll give you every option then you decide which me you like
Give me the evil eye I’ll give my good ear
Bald eagles fly and rock stars lose their hair
You can live in luxury or you can live in fear
My biggest flaw is my inability to even care
Dream with me, that way I don’t feel guilty
When I dig my way to into your head and start rebuilding
The neural pathways that dictate your reality
I’m sorry you mistook my vow of silence for apology

[Verse 4: Ecid]
I took a joyride through the friendly skies
With a leather belt inverted umbrella disguise
Attached to my crash test dummy mask maiden levitate
The jokes on the mummy made of masking tape
Was that too coded? Sorry I voted
I’m smarter than I think baby you just didn’t notice
Learning to grow with the roots and the crow shit, oh shit
Pull the string already I’m ready to blow in the wind
Today I woke up in a car trunk coma
I guess chivalry’s alive and kicking in Oklahoma
Prom king crook with a broken poem diploma
Chasing the desert road missing my Sherona
So squeaky clean like skinny dipping in angel DNA
It’s time to jump, somebody lead the way
I wish I could perfect my pimp strut perspective
Lucky me the “fuck yous” accepted break me down by percentage
Sore losers make the best good sports
I’m a time warp late and a "dollar bill ya’ll” short
I wanna be immortalized in strip malls and movie screens
Crucified in the sun for the sake of bronze jewelry