Kristoff Krane
Mouth of the Beast
And I’ve lived in the mouth of the beast like
We fight to survive in these heights
These nights it seems like to recite
What we write just seems trite
I need light I need light (2x)

[Verse 1: Ceschi]
All that I want to do is rewrite
Every single moment of that day so it's precise
And any obstacle in my way doesn't decide
What will become of me
Cumbersome comedy life
I need light
To be able to see more clearly
To give me hope again while I'm certainly fearing
The consequences of stupid actions I barely
Had any power over
Now it's over
And I'm just searching for four leaf clovers
It's dark and dreary
And the mud up to my knees is pulling me under
I'll be suffocating soon and there is no other
Way for me to fighting through the bitter tundra
I'll run but
My legs will fail me
If I don't get to this finish line in a hurry
Watching magnificent towers tumbling around me
But i will fight for every breath before I drown
See - I'm drowning
[Verse 2: Kristoff Krane]
When there is something in my way
I must make sure that I acknowledge it
If you focus on the taste
I promise you that I will swallow it
Of all the people on the chase I lead the way
I will not follow them
There is no finish to this race
I pace myself and remain positive
See the least that I can do is keep a secret clean between
My teeth
Just like the piece of meat you chew
Who knew that you’d completely free
The grief inside the machine with good faith
So she could feel you ok
The reason we all bleed is the same reason we’re still free to play
(free to play)
And as the sun shines down upon the beast we made
I will try my best to figure out how to sleep awake
And keep away from the thieves in the night
Who feed off our dreams like the fiends with their pipes
I’m just another human being with a knife
Trying to carve a niche to hide inside
And feel alive before I die
Lay me down and cut the doubt from outside of me
You best believe the mountains moving
Now you cannot lie to me
(lie to me) (3x)